How long i wll live from now

4 years back , kidney problem was detected , doctor say it is 2nd stage , I am taking medicines since then , and I try to keep my b.g under control(approxi 7 ) , can any body truely tell how many years I am left with, i am 35 now , i want to live for 15 years without problem , as my daughter aging 5 also diabetic, i have to take care of her

I hope that you live to be 100 yrs. old!

No, no one can ever truly tell you how many years you have left.

Keep in mind you could be hit by a bus tomorrow. Such is life.

When my dad was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, we sat down as a family and decided that all we could do was see the best Dr.'s do what they tell you, educate yourself to be sure they are telling you the right things, and make sure everyone knows that they love each other.

Everyone is different so there’s no way to say. I started having microalbumin almost 15 years ago, at which point I was put on a ACE inhibitor. I wasn’t managing my diabetes very well for many of those last 15 years so eventually I had significant proteinuria so my doctor told me I’d be on dialysis within 5 yrs. That was 6 years ago. Since then, I’ve gotten my diabetes managed by changing some pretty unhealthy behaviors. My BG’s are under good control, and as a result, the level of protein in my urine is now just above the normal threshold. My nephrologist has told me that as long as I maintain my diabetes management as I have, the chances of my kidneys getting worse are low. I think I’m also in 2nd stage having flirted on the edge of 3rd stage at one point, and she’s essentially saying 2nd stage won’t necessarily even progress any further.

Again though, everyone is different. There are people who manage their diabetes well, and still develop complications. Maybe you won’t have the best outcome in the end, but maybe you’ll have an outcome far better than you’re anticipating.

There’s also the fact of the matter that as we sit here today, it’s easy to say we’ll likely die from some diabetes-related thing, but I could step outside and get hit by a truck or I could develop cancer or any terrible thing could happen, so I think it’s presumptuous to assume diabetes is going to get us in the end. So on that note, make positive choices to manage your health, and try to live every day like it’s your last.

How much has the kidney status changed in 4 years? If it has been getting rapidly worse, you are probably in worse shape than if it has been stable. Also, what is your blood pressure like? Is your blood sugar better than it was when you developed the kidney problems?
One thing I often use to think about prognosis is reading medical studies in

Ravinder, you have strong motivation now to improve blood sugar control and keep healthy. I am sure you can and will do it! I think the advice of the other posters is very good. Are you able to get a decent amount of glucose strips so you can check your blood sugar frequently? One diabetic we met very early on (Minimed Sales Rep) kept control by eating low carb for breakfast and lunch, and then had a good dinner. This would ensure his blood sugars were only greatly out of range at the one meal. He had had diabetes since a child and was in his mid forties. Not only was his A1c lower, but probably he was fairly level (except for lows) for a good part of the day. I thought that was pretty smart, if extremely difficult. I know you can succeed and have as your goal long life, not just fifteen more years. I think it is possible to stay at the level you are at, with no further damage, if you are careful. I agree you have to watch blood pressure, as I’m sure you already kow.

thx robyn , next 15-20 years are enough , thx again

after reading your suggestions ,and advice , i am left with no words to say , all of you are so good and humanitarian , god bless you and yours near and lovings , …as i started reading ur replies , my eyes became wet …thx all of you for so supportive

thankyou very much jan, you filled me with confidence and detemination , you gave me very gud example , i wll follow your advice . thx again you so supportive and gud

yes jonah , my kidney status is stable for 5 years , my bp is too undercontrol , i am taking medicines regularly,

10 mg rampril and 80 mg telmasartin , i check my bg 1-2 times daily , and now i am more energetic than 4 years back

You will get that request.

thanks lee for giving so much information, i have joined tudiabetes 7 days before and i got so much information. thanks to all those persons who are supporting each other and sharing all this , in india so many people suffer due to diabetes , as there is lack of education and accessibility to internet
you are on the same track as i am , so learning from you i will try to take care of diabetes

thanks again for witting so much and giving time

You check your BG only 1-2 times a day??? That’s totally wrong! All Type-1’s here in the US test at least 8-10 times everyday. Personally, I test 12-16 times. You cannot achieve good control with testing only 1-2 times a day.

Easy there, Dr Smith… that was sarcasm on the Dr part, btw

So you say that a Type-1 diabetic can test 1-2 times a day and still be in good control? I don’t understand what your point is.

Your statement

That’s totally wrong! All Type-1’s here in the US test at least 8-10 times everyday.

just seemed a little over the top to me, that’s all. I’m saying nothing about how many times anyone tests

“That’s totally wrong!” is an expression, like “Oh my God!”. Not to be taken literally. I thought that was clear in the context of my reply, but I guess I was wrong.

I would guess that most T1’s don’t test 8-10x/day. Also the OP doesn’t live in the US so we don’t know if there are mitigating circumstances that might be keeping him from testing as often. I would like to suggest asking more questions about his circumstances and offering helpful advice to maximize the resources he has rather than criticizing him and telling him he’s wrong and can’t succeed.

With kidney status stable for five years and blood pressure truly under control, I don’t think you have too much to worry about in terms of kidneys. I’m not familiar with telmasartin.