How long NPH and R REALLY last unrefriderated

Yes, I know the reccomendations, but...better to have not-as-good insulin than NO insulin. Looking for solutions for a community with heat, humidity, and no electricity or money. Is NPH and R an option for them?

The clinic says they do not give insulin often due to no fridges in patients homes. Anyone have experience with keeping NPH and R unrefridgerated, and how long could you get away with it before it had almost no potency? I would love to use FRIO packs but they are too expensive, not an option.

I once kept Levemir and Novolog 3 years unrefridgerated, in the heat and humidity for a good stretch, and they still worked (they may not have been AS strong, but they worked for me and had no precipitates).

Any "non reccomended" information is appreciated!