How long will it read without calibration?

Hi everyone,

So I’m special and managed to forget my test strips when left the house this morning. Of course my Dex was supposed to be calibrated around 11AM. It’s still reading for me but keeps popping up the “enter BG” message every half hour or so. Does anyone have any idea how long it will continue reading my sugars before it refuses to tell me where it thinks I am? I’ve only got another 2 hours left of my work day and I’m hoping it will hold out. I was just wondering if anyone had done this before and how long they’d lasted? Thanks for letting me know!

My experience is that it will hold pretty steady for about 6 hours after it starts demanding a BG, sometimes more. You should be OK till you get home but the dex may be off by 30 to 50 points from your actual BG. Usually it will tell you you are 120 when you are really 150 or so, it still catches the lows OK. Good luck!

So I actually left work a bit early and got a test done at 4:50pm. The last calibration before that was at 11:13pm the night before. At 4:50 today the Dex was reading 132 and my glucose meter read 120. Not bad for 16.5 hours without calibration!