How LOW have you gone?


I fully agree


Interesting how widely people’s tolerance to low blood sugar varies… some people go a$$ over teacup at 65 while others are fully functional in the 20s.

The lowest I remember was about 30 and I did have a cold sweat going on and felt generally lousy, but just ate some glucose tablets and continued with what I was doing… nowhere near incapacitated whatsoever

Makes me wonder what traits in people affect that variability-- and I don’t mean unawareness, that’s a different animal than tolerance



Being naked on the floor with six fireman is one trait of being 18. At least that is what my wife claims.


Sounds like you had a wild youth…


I don’t know my lowest because I passed out way back in the dark ages of 2008 when I was first diagnosed, pregnant, on industrial doses of mixed insulin, and knew nothing… I was given huge amounts of sugar (orange juice and chocolate, apparently) and wasn’t high by the time I came to and was able to test.

Since then my lowest has been in the 30s (that was on novorapid / levermir). And I was able to self treat, and that was already a few years ago.

Now that I’m on tresiba and eating low carb, I haven’t had any lows lower than 70s…

I am eating ketogenic these days and don’t seem to feel lows. I got a 74 this morning (my own fault, but that’s another story) - which previously I would have felt shaky at and felt nothing. However, I don’t test blood sugars so frequently now - unless I’m doing or eating something out of the ordinary.

Jack16 discussed keto and not feeling low above.


Nope, I was 46 but 18 at the time.


Would most people feel low at this level? A 74 is still within the normal range. I don’t feel low until I’m about 52, at which time I get very subtle symptoms. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a shaky, sweaty low…I don’t think I’ve ever really gotten those symptoms other than very mildly (I also don’t get “rebounds” and my body doesn’t seem to self-correct lows that are left untreated for hours, so I think my body just doesn’t release adrenaline in response to lows). Usually it’s just a vague sense of weakness or sometimes starting to feel extremely hungry for no reason. If I drop significantly low, like into the low 40s, then I start to get symptoms like not being able to concentrate or my lips and tongue going numb.


Hi Jen,

Before I would get shaky in the 70s. I guess I had pretty good sensitivity - or that’s just me.

If I go really low fast, my first sign will be changes in vision (like starts contracting / going black - I super hate that feeling…)… the sweating and shaking only comes as the sugar starts rising.


oh gawd, at work. one time i fainted at work from low blood pressure and omg, please, just make me disappear! it was all the hulabaloo after coming too, get her some water, let her breathe…


While pregnant with my son back in 1983, I didn’t feel too good, so I went to check my blood sugar. It came back 12. I said, this can’t be so I washed my hands with soap and water then cleaned the finger with alcohol. This time it came back 18. I rechecked and it came back at 15. I was completely coherent, not stumbling, not sweating, nothing wrong but feeling more nauseous than normal- I had all day sickness. It took a while to get my sugar to rise because finding things I could keep down wasn’t easy.


What kind of pump were you using?


Lowest when I’ve been fully conscious and mobile - 21. But in the preceding five minutes my legs stopped working and I collapsed, during which it must have fallen below 18. Thank you Lantus…


Deltec cosmo, made by smith medical. The pump was barely out of warranty.


On Lantus, really? Wow. That was the thing I loved about it when I switched to Lantus-Novolog MDI after 20 years of R/NPH: I could go late or even skip a meal without the catastrophic lows the clear-cloudy regimen would whack you with if you were just a little bit late. I’m really surprised, but of course the YDMV rule always applies.


Yes - wrote about it here. There are quite a number of cases…


That’s fascinating. I was on it for 10 years, after 20 on R/NPH, and never ran into this, though since your experience was 12 years in I guess it can happen at any time. Scary! I keep some Lantus on hand for emergencies and have had pump failures that necessitated resorting to it. Maybe I should have that prescription changed to Levemir…


as well as variability with lantus. If you hit a vein, you can get a big hit of insulin working, where as levemir doesn’t do this, if it hits the bloodstream. I don’t lnow how the new tresiba will compare


Lowest I’ve been was 1.9 mmol/ml (34 mg/dl).

Scared the living **** out of me. I was still relatively functional, though my vision was a bit blurred.

I’ve often wondered what is the limit one can experience before a coma, or death, I assume that you would always go into a coma before death, but I base this off nothing other than my own intuition. I’ve always had pretty good hypoglycaemic awareness so lows have never really been a big concern for me, but I do wonder sometimes if I can be a bit too casual about them…


I don’t want to be a party-pooper, but you need to remember that home BG meters are not designed to be accurate at very low numbers, certainly anywhere below around 2.2 mmol/L (40 mg/dL). Anything below that should really be treated as an approximation only.


However, if you are registering something on a home meter that is below that level, it’s fair to say you are likely to be very low…