How many basal rates doyou have per day?

I used to have 7 different basal rates per day, which seemed to work okay. Recently I went to a new endo, who feels that most people should be on the same basal rate all day. He said some people may need two different settings, but no more than that. I switched to one setting, but seemed to have problems with lows at two different times of day. Now I have changed it myself to 4 different settings, but I feel kind of strange doing that on my own, although it seems to be working much better than just one setting all day. Just curious how many basal settings per day other users have?

here’s a discussion we had on this subject - I have at least 5. I need so much more insulin in the AM than the PM, and very little during the night.

Likewise, I need more in the AM by far. Thanks for directing me to that discussion. I am new to Tudiabetes, and didn’t know to even search past topics. Thanks!

Since I fall really low really fast! I have only one for day and night.

Right now I just have one basal rate. But I just got started yesterday on One Touch Ping[as you can tell I am really excited about this]. But my doctor says that I will just have one unless we see changes in sugars at different parts of the day… Considering I got low twice yesterday… maybe it will take time for my body to adjust.

I had 8 at one point… but right now I am starting over and currently have two (I did start with one), and am contemplating adding a third :slight_smile:

i started with three rates when i got my pump 12 years ago and i’ve never changed. they are: 7 am to midnight; midnight to 2 am; 2am to 7 am. (TDD basal - 22.8)
also … i’ve never used temp basal. if things are unsettled i adjust what i eat. seems to work. i live a pretty regimented life, food wise so it’s pretty easy.

Just curious, DC, are you male or female? I have frequently needed to change my basal rates, and think some is hormone mediated.

I have 12, the maximum on my Animas IR 1250. I also have all 4 basal profiles set up, but primarily use just 2. Total daily basal dose is about 10.8, not far off the 11 units of Lantus I took pre-pump. My needs seem to change every few days, & nothing to do with hormones, I am way past menopause. I am the dispair of endos as I never seem to show patterns in BG readings.

I think this generalization is not helpful. He states that only some people need two different settings. But what about the people with dawn phenomen. His argument would mean for them that they have one setting for the day and one setting for dawn. Well, I am pretty sure that this will not be sufficient for these patients. So the reality is that there are more classes or types of patients in the pumper group.

I can understand when he is trying to minimize the number of basal settings. On the other hand what is the use when some patients end up with odd carbohydrate factors at certain times of the day just for the sake of minimalizing the basals? Odd carb factors often mean that a fraction of the rapid acting insulin is doing the job of the basal insulin (bad idea). This is far more concerning than multiple basal settings in my opinion. The concern is that these patients will have problems to control their numbers if they skip or reschedule their meals.

Most patients with CGMS will get a feeling for their real basal needs. If in doubt I think it is a good recommendation to ask the endo for one week of monitoring. Even if this means that you have to pay for the sensor. In my opinion it is very useful to find the correct basal setting for your pump. In most cases you can not achieve good control when the basal is working against your needs.

I have three basal patterns. Each pattern varies throughout the day, with the rates changing 3-4 times.

I have 5, andf my endo likes it