How many carbs?


Ok I know its carb counting thing, but does anyone know or have any idea what the carbs for a takeaway chinese meal is? To make it more difficult my partner is veggie so its always (yes always…):
rice noodles singapore style (nice and spicy), mixed veg curry, egg fried rice - oh and a little treat Veggie spring roles!!, they are mini roles 6 of um and come with a sweet and sour souce (I dont even like it … ).

But any ideas what the carbs would be if we have half each and I dont have the orrible source ?



It is virtually impossible to estimate the carbs in a meal like that correctly because most of the elements are very high carb, so guessing wrong about how much noodle you ate by only 1/2 an ounce in the noodles might be a difference of 18 grams, guessing wrong about how much cornstarch is in the sauce might make a difference of another 10 grams, guessing wrong about how much starch is in the eggroll wrapper might add another 20 grams so your educated guess can, worst case, be plus or minus 50 grams!

Try buying some chinese noodles and weighing them on a food scale, and then cooking them up. I’ve done this with pasta and it was a great way to realize that a very tiny portion of pasta is about 56 grams! The portion you get in a restaurant is usually 4 times that or even more. So 1/2 of that is still twice what you think you are eating.

A relatively small portion of Vegetarian Pad Thai contains about 103 grams of carbs but again, you’d have to weigh your portion and remember that the noodles might have taken up a different amount of liquid than the ones tested in the lab. Which is why I don’t eat noodle dishes. I love pad thai, but I have never yet been able to eat a portion and get a blood sugar under 200 mg/dl! With insulin! (My usual target is to be under 140!)

When I was controlling by diet alone I used to get the spareribs (minus sugary sauce) or the duck, or teriyaki beef sticks no noodles, no rice, and hot and sour soup. There is sugar in all the meat–I used to call Chinese American food “Meat sundaes” but less than in the thick sauces and of course the rice, egg rolls and noodles.


Web sites like can give you an estimate for restaurant food. But a good rule for estimating is that a cup of pasta/rice is about 45g carb and a cup of non-starchy vegetables is about 5-10g carb.

Ordering the same thing every time makes it easier. You can see how your bloodsugar reacts to your carb estimate, and adjust your medication for next time. Keep adjusting until you find a combination that works.

I know that I personally can’t eat fried rice, noodles, and a spring roll all in one meal. If I eat too many carbs at once, no amount of insulin will be enough. But you’ll have your own limits.


Goto this website calorie king


Hi All went to Calorie King - its just what I needed thanks!!!



Another thing that I do (probably from my engineer dad who got me going on taking care of the diabetes 30 years ago)…is experiment. Of course, this is only if you gather the info from the books and it does not work like you thought.

On the minimed pump (which I have) as long as you are dialed in for your glucose sensitivity (insulin relationship) and active insulin time as well as the insulin effectiveness for carbs then this process should work fairly well.

  1. Calculate carbs …
  2. Bolus
  3. Test … I do testing about every 15 - 20 minutes for a couple of hours.
  4. Adjust bolus as needed (remember for the next time you eat that meal)

This may seem straight forward but it can certainly tell you a lot about what certain foods do to your body.



Thanks Jack, very helpful info I will try it out


Leah, orrible another way of saying horrible but with a south london edge to it - sorry for any confusion, Steve