How many eggs is too many?

So, I have come into a great source of fresh, cheap local eggs, and I have been somewhat obsessed with them. Versatile, cheap, tasty and easy on the blood sugar. I have been eating them almost daily.

When I was first dx more than a decade ago, whole eggs were really recommended is very small amounts for people with D.Egg whites only were recommended. The thinking was that we are prove to cardiovascular disease and eggs make this risk greater. I think the current thinking is that eggs really do not lead to elevated cholesterol, and I know that whole eggs are no longer thought of as the probelm they used to be. But my question is this: As diabetics, should we be limiting our egg intake (for cardiovascular reasons ) at all? I am seriously the answer is a resounding “NO.”

Eggs go in and out according to the food gurus. Frankly I think they are safe and eat fresh eggs everyday, at least until the city makes me get rid of my hens.

I think eggs are the perfect food. I don’t believe in the whole saturated fat, dietary cholesterol myth.

I would however suggest that a dozen eggs a day is probably too many, you will get sick of them.

I eat a lot of eggs, I think they are great.

I agree with the people who look with a measured eye at the powers that be proclaiming this food or that food is good or bad. After being on this planet for a number of years you realize that one day something is on the good list and one day on the bad, and then it goes back again, kind of like fashion trends. So I’m not saying I ignore the data, but just don’t react to it too strongly.

Having said that when I began showing signs of high cholesterol and blood pressure, I did go with the flow and start eating cereal during the week, or fruit, granola and yogurt which I adored. I say adored because that breakfast no longer works for me. I tried every cereal on the market advertised as high fiber, healthy and even diabetes friendly and found I couldn’t manage any of them too well. So I now eat two eggs for breakfast every day which allows me an infinite variety of preparation methods and good blood glucose results. Fortunately my cholesterol is either doing well on its own since I lost weight with my diabetes onset, or well controlled by statins, not sure which. I no longer need blood pressure meds. If I still had problems in those areas I would maybe think differently although many people who are low carb have come to feel, as bsc says that the dangers of high fat are exaggerated at the least. I’d learn more about that if I needed to. Meanwhile I have huevos mexicana with frijoles during the week and omelettes or vegie eggs benedicts on the weekend and am happy. No chickens though…lol

I have heard that eggs raise only SOME people’s cholesterol.

I eat at least 15 eggs per week. I always eat two eggs before I go for my blood work in order to see how high my cholesterol goes. It is usually in the low end of the normal range. So I keep on eating my eggs :slight_smile:

I think as long as you have your cholesterol checked and it is OK, then enjoy your eggs!

Ok, I admit it, I have egg issues. I like eggs. I have them everyday. I always have eggs for breakfast. I pay extra money for “good” eggs. I like my eggs free range organic. I buy the best eggs, and even at $4/dozen it always seems worth it. Sometimes I have eggs for dinner. I have egg issues.

I eat eggs every day. If not for breakfast, I add a raw egg or two into a protein shake. I buy great eggs from someone who raises chickens. Eggs are super fresh & free range with dark orange yolks. Often, they’re fertilized eggs because she has a rooster or two. I can’t stomach eggs from a supermarket having been spoiled on fresh eggs. No ill effects from a lot of eggs. I give raw eggs to my dogs also.

My cat - who like me eats low carb - also eats raw egg.

On my to-do list for the summer is to get some hens. I recently moved into a house with its own rabbit hutch enclosure, which could easily be adapted for chickens.

I was brought up to believe that too many eggs is bad for your cholesterol but since D I have realized a lot of what we were told was ‘healthy’ is the exact opposite.

I sense that Gerri may have egg issues as well.

You guys do not have egg issues. I have a friend who has a phobia of whole eggs. He is fine with egg where you don’t see it (e.g. in pancakes, crepes, baked goods) but if he even catches a glimpse of a whole egg in its shell, a fried egg, or scrambled eggs, he feels physically ill. Now that is having issues! Luckily for him he has a healthy pancreas - as far as we know anyway!

Too many is when you get sick and tired of them.

I guess I’m in the issue group too. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a phobia, since I do go ahead and eat eggs every morning. I’m a vegetarian but not a vegan, but I do get a bit squemish around eggs sometimes. I most commonly eat eggs as scrambles or omlettes and when I eat them fried it is in vegie eggs benedict and they are covered in hollandaise sauce (no fear of fat here…lol). When very rarely I get an urge for a couple fried eggs with tomatilla sauce which doesn’t quite cover it, the egg texture does guarantee I won’t eat those for another few months. And when I separate my eggs to make the hollandaise sauce I really don’t care for those little white stringy parts. Ok, if you didn’t all think I was strange before…

Hollandaise sauce rocks! I looooove it over white asparagus. OK I also have some smoked ham with it but vegetarians can leave that out :slight_smile: Wish I hadn’t seen your reply, I now have a craving for white asparagus! A fantastic blood sugar friendly food :slight_smile:

Gosh, I really feel terrible now. It doesn’t even both me if there are a few bits of eggshell. I consider just some crunchy bits and extra calcium.

I eat 2 eggs every day. I would probably eat more (and have) but they bother my stomach if I eat too many. Actually, eggs are good for your retinas so they are very good for diabetics.

LOL – sometimes my blurry vision gives me a belly laugh:

I thought your headline read, “How many egos is too many?”


It will be a great hardship, but I’ll eat his share. ;0)


It’s my brunch every other weekend. Double fiber orowheat muffin, eggs, hollandaise sauce tomatoes asparagus and parsley on top! (With an iced cappuchino of course!)

I’ve worked some places where that was a very good question!