How many eggs is too many?

Lila , something to drool over , ha, ha ??

That is too cruel.

I am only consoled by the lack of Hollandaise sauce!

To me they are the ideal diabetic food, no effect on my blood sugar and very filling. I have a couple most days for breakfast. Here’s a recipe for zucchini hash browns that’s good for breakfast or as a side dish for any meal.This is more of an omelet but still very good.

Recent research suggests that dietary cholesterol has no effect on cholesterol in the blood. High consumption of sugar and starch seems to be the culprit.The liver makes 95% of the bodies cholesterol, which is a necessary nutrient. Eggs in fact contain loads of important nutrients in a readily available form.

I’m lucky in that I get mine from a neighbor although the supply is somewhat seasonal. I hate it when I have to buy from the supermarket, I miss those firm orange yolks. There seems to be a trend for urban dwellers to keep a couple of hens, very interesting.

Yum. I like mine many ways, but my favorite is hard boiled but still warm, rubbed with EVOO and fresh lemon juice with sea salt and fresh ground pepper.

bsc, I do:)

Lila, your friend sounds like my sister, but she was worse. She hated eggs as a kid. She’d be eating a cookie or a piece of cake & I’d tell her there were eggs in them & she’d spit it out. if our mother was cooking eggs, she’d stay out of the kitchen. We both couldn’t stand milk as children & gagged down every glass we were forced to drink. I haven’t had a glass of cow’s milk in probably 40 years.

Its more then a trend but make sure its legal and hope that you don’t have people in town who think urban farming is white trash(like my neighbors who are trying to get the city to break out the ban hammer ).

And I am an original Holland gal …and stay away from the H . sauce , by choice due to not having any inkling how many carbs in the sauce …this meal was consumed in the Netherlands, asparagus time :slight_smile: …the Dutch are crazy about them :slight_smile:

Nel, my Hollandaise sauce is made of lime juice, egg yolks and butter and has negligable carbs. I count my brunch as 21 for the Orowheat double fiber muffin, 7 for vegies (asparagus and tomatoes) and 5 for milk for my capp for a total of 33.

Why deprive yourself??

Yes, indeed. (!!!)

I think roosters can be a bit much in close quarters, but I’ll never understand why anyone would object to a few hens. They’re pretty innocuous and very energy efficient, compared to trucking eggs year-round from Arkansas to Seattle – plus they eat bugs!

Roosters are a big problem & they can be very aggressive.

Roosters I wouldn’t think of having on under an acre

Zoe …unable to respond to your H. sauce recipe suggestion …so try here : I like that and thanks for giving the idea :slight_smile: …on the other hand I truly don’t have a sense I am deprived …this is where we are all so different , I suppose .

Roosters would be inappropriate in a urban setting. In my experience they start crowing about 3:30 AM, not good for neighborly relations. And they can be amazingly aggressive for such a small creature. I remember being terrified of my Grandmothers roosters as a little kid. Her geese were just as bad, much larger and also aggressive toward small humans.

But a few hens are relatively innocuous. If you have kids they provide a great lesson about where your food comes from.

Re bugs: I live in Northern Arkansas which has to be the tick capital of the world. Chickens are death on ticks a definite side benefit.They do scatter chicken poop all over the yard, never bothered me, but not everyone’s cup of tea. Not sure that could work in an urban setting though.

I have a friend in Colorado who lives in a suburban neighborhood with smallish lots. I was surprised that it was even legal, but she is allowed 6 hens. That seems reasonable.

I thought I was really into eggs but obviously I pale by comparison! I eat Egg Beaters pretty much every day. Only once though…

Heck downtown Cincinnati allows 4, 6 in Chicago

Very interesting, I had no idea such laws existed. Probably a hold over from a time when many urban people were not far removed from the farm.

Re urban farming. It’s amazing how much food you can raise with even a small garden. Hard to see how people who are providing fresh wholesome food for themselves and their family could be looked down upon. I guess that’s why I’ve spent the last 35 years living in the boonies, people are more likely to just let you do your own thing. Heck you can even have roosters if you like, that is after all where the next generation of egg layers comes from.

Jim, I’d be interested to know what other types of urban farming you do.

Yay eggs! I have two eggs every morning. Usually one whole egg and one egg white. Mainly for fat content then cholesterol. I generally eat a lot of cheese and peanut butter daily (best low carb snacks. MMMmmmmmm can’t get enough). So I figure if I eat one less egg yolk it gives me more room for other fat intake through out the day. Makes me feel better about it anyhow. haha

Wow lots of egg lovers. Maybe we could do a commercial for the Egg Council to benefit Tudiabetes :slight_smile:

I was looking for the ACCORD study to see if it included dietary recommendations (it didn’t as far as I could tell), and came across a recent paper related to eggs that surprised me so I figured I’de pass it on. The paper concludes that eating one or more eggs a day is fine for most adults, with the exception of those with Diabetes. “Consumption of one or more eggs per day is associated with an elevated risk of coronary heart disease in people with diabetes.” LINK HERE I assume this is for T2 diabetes, although it doesn’t say in the abstract. I eat one egg a day and don’t plan to change unless I see a change in my lipid numbers. YMMV.