How many ER visits?

Do you know that the #1 911 call is for diabetic care--mostly low blood glucose levels, but also DKA, etc.

How many times do you visit the ER or have a paramedic visit your home for diabetes?

I have only done the ER for diabetes problems once (...1972), but would guess I have had the ambulance and fire trucks here about 2 times a year since I went on the pump in 2003.

Just curious.

I'd say maybe 1/2 dozen since 1984. Not for a couple of years but I had a couple close to each other in 2010 and 2011.

Have never even considered calling 911 in my first year

id say I am pretty close to two times a year. Sometimes i like to ring the bell for a 3rd just to keep them on their toes. i know they appreciate my efforts.

I'm curious where you heard that? Is that US-wide, or a specific state/area ?

In 48 years, Never.

But hearing this, I feel very fortunate.

I have been to emergency ... *counts* ... about 16 or 18 times in my 31 years of life (over 21 years of diabetes). I've been there for a wide variety of things—asthma, broken bones, stitches, seizures, jaw dislocations (this happens randomly sometimes), heart arrhythmias, most of these more than once—but only once for diabetes. It was the day I was diagnosed.

I've had 911 called for me twice in my life. Once in grade six when I fell (or "flew" is more like it) off a playground swing and split my head open. Once in grade seven when I had a seizure at the breakfast table.

I had numerous severe lows growing up. Once my parents came very close to calling 911 (they had the phone in their hand ready to dial), but managed to get enough glucose in me that I came around. My mom had glucose gel and had fairly frequent occasions where she had to squeeze that gunk into my cheek when I was semi-conscious and totally out of it. Once I passed out from a low but then came around fairly quickly. In hindsight, she probably should have called 911 and/or used glucagon on several of those occasions, but I am still around to write this post, so no harm done!

Never gone to the ER, never called 911.

In 17 years I’ve never called 911. I did go to the emergency room for the first time just a year ago, right after getting on the pump. My BG was over 500 and I couldn’t get it down. After waiting in the emergency room for a couple hours before I saw someone, my BG was down to 300, and I felt kinda silly for going in. I’d just never had a reading that high, or that wouldn’t come down.

I've had T2 diabetes since 2005 and on insulin for 2.5 years and, "knock wood", never needed to go to the ER for diabetes (although there was that chainsaw incident).

If we are talking non-d things, I've had a couple trips for bicycle accidents too, one ear, chin and 2x teeth.

I was specifically interested in diabetic needs at ER or 911. One trip in was in college when my BG was so low my room mate could not wake me up--I woke in ER. I have been there for a car accident and some throat swelling incidents, but only once for diabetes.

I tend to have this "problem" where I throw up and can't keep anything down if my BG is very low , and I get really "out of it," so my husband needs help to bring me around. As a result, 911.

The #1 reason is in the county--I have a friend who is a big-wig in the hierarchy of firefighters/paramedics here and oversees the paramedic portion. They did a study to see why people call 911. This study did not include transports to ER or visits made to ER by means other than an ambulance.

Initial diagnosis for me (31 years ago) was emergency clinic visit turning into extended two-week hospital stays (I usually do not count that as an ER visit but maybe it should be). And since then, two ER visits for hypos in 31 years, one with a 911 call/ambulance trip.

In 25 years of this madness, no trips to the ER or calls to 911 for diabetes related incidents. One glucagon shot for a very rapid onset severe low. I feel very fortunate and thankful.

My Parents drove me to the ER(first and only time)for DKA/Coma in 1977 when I was 18.

I was picked up by Paramedics and taken to the ER 6 times, when unconscious due to lows.

Paramedics brought me back to consciousness also due to lows, 3 times but did not need to take me to the ER. All of these in 51+ years with Diabetes.