How many extra pods for a 2 week trip to Europe?

I’m going to Europe for two weeks in July. I plan to bring a couple of insulin Pens with me in case I break or lose my PDA, but how many Pods would you bring? 10?? Thanx.

I’d think 10 is too many. If you figure 1 pod for every 3 days…Maybe 7 and be sure to take some pens.

I’d do at least 10, just in case something happens (either pod failures or stolen luggage, etc). I would much rather carry a few too many, than run low and then have to worry about all the “what ifs” of having your last pod go bad, etc. Just not worth the stress for me. But that’s assuming you have room to carry a few extra :slight_smile:
I’d maybe split them too, putting 4 or 5 in one spot, and 4 or 5 in another spot in your luggage.

I’d do one box of 10, all in my carry on :slight_smile:

When I travel, I always take at least twice as many as I would normally use. If it’s a short trip that should only require 1 or two pod changes, I’ll take 3x as many as I should need (3 or 6). Going back to injections is a real pain in the arse, especially dealing with the inconsistency of Lantus or other long-acting insulin.

If you can, I would recommend arranging and extra PDM just for the trip. Murphy is evil, you never know…

Assume every pod will fail - because it happens from time to time.

I plan for 2-day pods, plus 2 extra pods for extenuating circumstances (missed flight, civil unrest, pick pocketing)…so instead of 5 pods, I would take at least 7 for the actual days +2…so that’s 9 pods.
that may have been totally confusing, but it works especially well when I’m on longer trips.

This is what we would do too. Always in the carryon!

I always carry a whole box of 10 in my carry-on when I go on vacation. If I’m going to be swimming, sweating, or moving around a lot, I just assume I’m going to have some pods fall off. And there are always the prime failures. And kinked cannulas. And… Well, I worry. That’s all I’m saying.

I would also bring Lantus, just in case. I know you said you are bringing pens but not sure if you considered a long acting.

peace of mind cannot be overrated! :slight_smile: