How many medication you take daily? diabetes , others& vitamins?

I remeber a great diabetologist from Los Angles stated that some type 2 diabetics take many tablets daily for diabetes,hypertension,hyperlipidemia & others.She asked why not to combine these in one tablet if possible…??

Wouldn’t that be a great idea Sohair! The problem as I see it would be that, as for me with blood pressure meds, different ones work or don’t work or cause certain bad side effects in different people, so if the combined pill included, say, one med for blood sugar, one for blood pressure, one for cholesterol, etc. for the conditions Syndrome X people have, it might be the wrong ingredients for many people. Still, a nice idea.

Oh, and I myself take about 5 meds: 2 for blood sugar, two for blood pressure, and one for cholesterol. And several over-the-counter things such as vitamins and minerals and some herbs.

I take novolog pre meal 3 times a day levemir before bed
Levothyroxine in the morning with water and then wait 30 min test have breakfast
I also take the following:
Centrum performance (multi vitamin)
Vitamin C 500mg
2 Fiber Choice tablets
1 Fish Oil
1 Zyrtec - Allergies

It does sound like a nice idea, but it may be difficult because people need different combinations or amounts of the drugs. Having them separate makes it more flexible, although it is more difficult to remember to take them all.

I take 500mg glucophage, a birth control pill, Centrum (multivitamin), a calcium and magnesium supplement, and a fish oil supplement daily.

I take 7 types of medications a day, but some of them need to be taken in the morning and some in the evening. Also, one of them is to prevent another blood clot type of stroke, but doesn’t tend to work long enough for only once a day to work well. Would you want drug companies to make many types of combinations of such medicines and therefore make it more expensive for drugstores to make all the types available?

It was a lady diabetologist who suggested this idea in a coference,pointing that in poor countries compliance is poor( which is true) and was suggesting one tablet combination.I just loved to know every body"s openion.