How many omnipod users have used traditional tubed pumps?

I’ll be honest. I’m really intrigued by podding! But most of the testimonials I read for the Omnipod are from first-time pump users (which is great - I think all Type 1s should pump!). Many of those chose Omnipod because they didn’t like the idea of tubing. Like most first-time pump users, they remark at the improved control and ease of use, but I can’t help but feel that’s just part of becoming a pump wearer. I’ve been a pumper for a long time. And yet, I feel I should be giving the Omnipod a second glance. I’d like to hear from those who’ve used other pumps. I hear rumors of less precise control, miss-the-mark cannulas, pod failures…but I also know that there is a greater range of infusion sites to use, more self-checks for occlusion (which is what a pod failure is alerting you to), etc.

For those that are comfortable with tubes and traditional pumping and have used more than one pumping system, can you tell me about how it’s different/better/worse than a conventional pump. I’m not coming from shots; I’m coming from a similar technology - but I’m interested. What can former ‘tubers’ tell us about ‘podding’?

Hey Melssia,
I started with a Minimed 509 and then the Paradigm (which I did not like because it did not hold enough insulin). Then I used a Cozmo but was not totally thrilled with it either. I started using the OmniPod a year ago and it does have it’s challenges but overall I love it!! I hate tubes and will never go back to them unless I have to. I can swim, shower, or do just about anything without worring about the stupid tubing.

I was initially put on a Minimed in 1990 or '91, so I have used a “traditional” pump for a very long time. While i loved the control and flexibility of the pump, i HATED having to anchor that thing on a waistband, or on pantyhose, etc, etc. I was intrigued by the Omnipod, but wasn’t sure I would like it due to the size (a seemingly huge bump under my clothes). I finally got to see one firsthand, rather than just photos, at an educational update class. I was sold. I had to fight to get my insurance to cover it, but they did. I LOVE IT!!! Sorry for the shout - but I do so love this system. I am on the thin side, and i was having problems with infusion sets faulting with ‘occlusion’ alarms all the time(with a paradigm). I truly feel that the auto insertion of the cannula is what I needed - I have been able to decrease my daily doses (both basal & boluses) by approximately 55-60%. Another really good thing is the support people - they truly seem to care, they do what they say they will, and they seem to understand the product intrinsically. I was really concerned about the pod shifting/moving, but it has not - at all. Best of all, I can wear my jeans with it on my lower abdomen, and no-one even knows! It is wicked good to be able to wear form-fitting clothes again! Sorry this is so long - but I wanted to tell you all I could about it. If you have more specific questions, feel free to ask away!!. Also, if you are even the least bit interested, ask your local CDE/pump clinic if they have sample pods for you to wear one for 2 or 3 days. I did this after I thought I would like it, and it is fairly realistic. Happy podding!!