How many test strips do you carry in the car?

How many test strips do you keep in your car and when do you restock? I am always afraid of running out. I keep my (car strips)and a meter in the car year round so if I am out and need them I have some available. Of course the manufacturers say not to surpass a certain temperature, but I do anyway. Since I do not have a good place to carry them and I would forget them anyway even if I did have a man purse. So my solution is to keep a meter and strips in the car.

So how many do you keep in your car? To start off the discussion I put 50 in the car and when they start to run out I restock with 50. I get a little panicky around 10. How about others?

PS: If even 5% of the population started carrying a man purse, I would be there with them, but I am way to self conscious to be part of the first 5%. A man has to have standards after all.

I don't keep strips in the car. I don't trust the extreme temperatures. And I don't carry a man purse, I carry a "murse."

None... It's very hot in Texas and it cooks Meters,Insulin pins,cameras,Kids,dogs,computers, and when you get ready to use the meter it gives a warning Temp To High for a Accurate Test. I keep them in my small back pack with I-pad and other normal nicety's... I do not leave it in my Truck for any period of time.

In todays world, way more than 5% of real men have a back pack, or massinger bag. I need something to carry my stuff in. I refuse to wear everything clipped to my belt like Bat Man. In the old days we carried a briefcase, and blue collar men had a Stanly lunch box, all of their daily stuff just stayed in it.

Would a backpack work for you; many many guys carry those! I don't keep any strips in the car, but I take my meter and strips with me in my purse wherever I go.

Rick, it's not a good idea imo either. and it's called a gear bag.

When our car isn't very hot, it's very cold, so I don't leave any D supplies in it. I keep a One Touch Ultra2 on my computer desk; a One Touch Mini in my purse; another One Touch Mini on my nightstand ready to go into my cargo pants if I'm going for a walk/hike and don't want a purse along. I try to keep 10+ strips in each meter along with a couple of syringes. This plan is not failsafe, but when I find myself w/o meter & strips, I'm so darned uncomfortable that it doesn't happen often.

I don't keep any strips in the car either. I do keep glucose in the car since that lasts (forever).

My strips (OneTouch Ultra) come in tubes of 25. I keep the open tube I am using in my meter case along with my meter, syringes, 2 bottles insulin, and some glucose. This is everything I need and fits easily in a pocket.

I also carry a backup strip tube in one of my pockets along with some glucose. That way I always have at least 25 strips with me at all times if I run out of the tube I'm using, and that is more than enough for me for 48 hours or so (I average ~12 strips a day). And I have multiple sources for glucose which I rarely use but I've learned the hard way the importance of having it immediately available at all times.

Nice set up Jag1.

Thanks. That's actually the case that comes for free with the One touch meter. I'm hoping they keep the One Touch Ultra Smart on the market for a while longer since I've definitely bonded with it.

Oh, how I wish TuDiabetes had a LIKE button. "Murse." LOL

I thought we did for awhile but then we all decided it was silly and didn't use it, or at least that's what I decided!

When I'm not carrying my purse around, I use this:

It's very inexpensive, compact, and convenient.

Usually I keep about 25 strips with me on the road. But it's too hot here to leave things in the car.

Oh! You mean unused ones!!!!
I carry enough strips for a couple of days with me but don't leave them in my car.
There are lots of used ones under the seats..............don't suppose those count.

I just carry my meter case--meter, whatever strips are in the tube, lancet device, extra lancets and batteries. If I am running low on strips in the tube, I will throw and extra tube in my purse. I keep juice boxes in the car also.

Of course, it is different if I am going away from home, but all that stuff goes in the suitcase.

I usually keep anywhere up to one box in my backpack with me at all times. Unfortunately the temperature variance is too great in Canada to be able to keep them in the car, but I carry my laptop backpack anyways which I use to keep some supplies.