How many times has this ever happend to you!.... " When your BG meter matches your DEXcom CGM system"

That is wonderful, but how do you know it is not just a random event. I once took a physics test and got Zero points on one part even though I had the right answer. When I complained, I was told I had the right answer by accident. Apparently, getting the right answer by accident is worthless in some circles. Not for me, I’ll give you five points.

I have it happen quite often :slight_smile: At least every couple of days… almost never with a perfect 100 though! I got a 102 the other day that matched, I didn’t take a pic though.

That is pretty cool. The peak looks good, too!

This is quite a routine thing with my Dex… I’m surprised if they are more than a few points apart.

That has happened to me with my Minimed cgm. More than once! I agree with bsc that it could just be a random event. But when it does make me feel better about my cgm.

This happens much more with my Dexcom Seven Plus than it ever did the old one, for sure.

I agree on the Dexcom Seven Plus.