How many times have you be HI?

I tested just now after dinner and before exercise and my meter flashed HI at me! I have only gotten this about once before in over 18 years of type 1 and it was on a day I was not paying attention to anything and probably missed two boluses in a row. My blood sugar has been kind of weird today, had an unexpected 16.2 after lunch but then by dinner I was down to 10 something so I thought I was good. Obviously not!! I rested and got 23.9 so I am obviously up there. I think the meters get pretty inaccurate once you’re that high. Changed my set as it was three days old anyway and it seemed a bit irritated, which is really annoying.

How many times have the rest of you been HI excluding diagnosis?

Look at that typo in the subject line, I can’t even spell when I am this high! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I definitely feel high right now!! Times like this I feel like insulin is just WAAAAY too slow in working.

well the last couple months i stopped taking my medicine, so i’m sure i’ve hit hi more times then i ever actually checked. Doing better now… i’ve had it read hi couple of times, even 599 before, I’m assuming my meter doesn’t go higher than 600, but not this is a often occurrence. Sometimes i’ll recheck my sugar if it says a low number and i don’t actually feel low. 3x is a charm i guess. I hate not having control solution…

when my sugar is high i feel like i just drank a bunch of coffee, but i don’t actually have the energy to do anything i just feel wide awake and on edge.

I didn’t think to keep count but my meter has said HI as about the same amount of fingers(and thumbs) that I have. I was only ever in the Hospital twice for high blood sugar. For kidney infection when I was 10 and when I was in a Coma as a Teenager. Otherwise I would just give myself a shot of 5 or 6 units and that would bring me to normal blood sugars within 3 hours. They always happened in the evenings. I haven’t had a HI on my meter in a long time. I got my first meter in 1988.

twice that i can remember, although one of those times was actually 26.8 or something when i checked it again after washing my hands, which is of course why we are always meant to either use an alcohol swab or wash our hands before checking, but who has the time?..

I have only seen that twice. Once at home just before I went to the hospital and at the hospital. That’s when I got dx’ed. You all know the story, not feeling good, not enough water in the world, etc…LOL Then one test on my Mom’s meter, it say’s HI 600+, same at the hospital and boom. I am in ICU, DKA and told I had just joined Club 1 at age 52 1 1/2 years ago Aug./08 Hoping I never see it again!!!

club one sound like a super cool name, i like it

There’s the new name for type 1 Club 1. I read it somewhere and liked it.