How many times?

How many times a day do you think you check your CGM bgs on the pump screen? I am new to using this tool, and I find myseld peeking at it an awful lot.

Too many to count!!! I think I am killing the battery life by checking so much, but I can’t help it, I’m addicted!!

Ahhh I read you are up and running, congrats. I have not gone back on yet. Where did you put your site?

That is exactly what I thought, well not that the battery would run low, but that the pump would quit working with the workout I was giving it.

If the pump dies from the workout, they will replace it won’t they! LOL

under the 4 year mark yeah, but my last one died right after 4 years, ahh!!!

After the 4 year warranty, the insurance should pay for a new one. My dad’s died after the warranty, they sent him aloaner while they got the insurance to approve a new one.

Yes I did all that too, but it sure knows when to die. I wanted it to die right before warranty expired so I could get a new one without paying anything :slight_smile:

I never pay a copay for my pump or supplies through minimed. I have United Healthcare where I work.

I don’t check the screen too often. Instead, I rely on the alarms (low or high) to let me know how I am doing. I have set my low alarm at 70 and my high alarm at 140. If I don’t “hear” from my CGM that means I am between 70 and 140 where I want to be. It works well for me.

i check alot—but apparantly not enough—i just checked and it said 230-----argh— and no good explanation why… started the day at 94, bolused properly for breakfast, waited 30 minutes to eat—i should not have gone over 150---- but you know how diabetes can be…

I’d suggest that you set the high alert on your CGMS to a number that is one where you wish to be alerted to a high blood sugar. That way, you won’t be surprized with the highs. I have mine set to 140 on the high side.