How many US did you have throughout your pregnancy?

I’m just wondering how many ultrasounds are “normal” (throughout the course of a non-complicated,diabetic pregnancy) I think my OB’s office does 2-3. (at 8 weeks, 20 weeks,sometime in the 3rd trimester) I guess once one gets to the point where the baby starts moving you don’t really need an US for the reassurance, but it seems such a long, long time till then. (11 more weeks long) I’m wondering what other’s experiences have been.

My ob/gyn insists on doing mine every two weeks until 28 weeks and after that it will be every week. Diabetic pregnancy care is pretty intense where I am

I had ultrasounds at 7, 12, 18, 28, 30, then weekly because he was measuring big otherwise it would have continued every two weeks unless any abnormalities are detected (high levels of amniotic fluid, large baby, placenta deterioration).

At the beginning, my OB did an ultrasound at every visit (every 3 weeks) until she could hear the heartbeat with the doppler. I also had a “dating” ultrasound at 6 weeks and a nuchal translucency scan at 11 weeks, and will have the anatomy ultrasound at 20 weeks and a fetal echocardiogram at 23 weeks. Now I’m 18 weeks, and my OB surprised me by doing one at my visit this past week. So I don’t know if she has a plan or just does them sort of randomly from now on. :slight_smile:

my pregnancy is not complicated apart from being diabetic and my ob/gyn was able to hear the heartbeat at 7 weeks and is continuing to do them every two weeks. Hmm, my ob/gyn care seems a lot more intense…

  1. And my pregnancy had no complications or concerns. I had them at 6wks (fertility clinic confirming we were successful), 9wks (first OB appt), and 13 (Downs screening), 18, 22, 26, 30, And then weekly at 33, 34, 35, 36, and 37. (Week 13 on were all at the perinatalogist.) C-section at 38w0d due to weight estimate at 33w sono, but she was only 8lbs, 2oz.