How many years have you had diabetes?

I have had diabetes since 2002, so by some standards I am a newbie. By other standards, I’ve had diabetes quite a while

How many years have you or your loved one had diabetes? Let’s pull out those calendars, people! :slight_smile:

It will be 21 years this September 11th.

It was 22 years July 7.

End April '07. It’s effectively been just three and a half months. I’m still a diabetic baby!

Summer 1985. So 21 years. My diabetes can drink!

21 years this past June.

My husband has had type 1 for 39 years.

31 years this past May 31st. I was diagnosed on my 15th birthday, 1976.

29 years. The big 30 will be next February!

7 years and on my second pump. The first 6 months doing shots made it a big part of my life. With the pump it is just testing & pushing buttons several times a day, the rest of the day seems just like 1999 again.

14 years…and counting

My son has had it since May 10, 2007

Early September 1972. It will be 35 years this September.

33 years

Dec 2003 - but didn’t get dx’d correctly until May 2004…

I have been diabetic for 31 years. I was diagnosed sometime in 1976 (I cannot recall the month - I was 7 years old).

So, for me … it seems as though I have been diabetic all of my life.

9 years, this coming December.

As of Friday it was 35 years.

Type 2 since 5/2006, still a baby (at the age of 45).

I’m one month away from my “six month anniversary.” I can hardly believe it, iit really does seem like yesterday.

It was 22 years in June. Not sure of the exact date. I was only 4 years old.