How many?

Just wondering how many hypos do people get in a day,because for me its different every day.
Just wanted to know as I am so tired today I had like 4-5 hypos today.

Unfortunately Osob, I don’t get that many. Though when I do, the irony is that my intelligent (evil) little body tells me to eat like a famine is on the way, and like today, I ate too much and overcompensated! Though out of nowhere last weekend I had SO many hypos. The most I’ve had as a diabetic in 18 years. I went on a long snowshoe, brought tons of food, but nearly didn’t make it out of the backcountry! My sugar kept getting lower, and lower, and lower. I of course was wishing it was a miracle, and I was cured, but when Monday came around, things were back to normal. Hang in there! Do you see any trends dependant upon what you are eating and/or exercise?

Believe me your not the only one that eats like there is a famine on the way I eat like that when I am hypo everyone has to get out of the kitchen and leave me to lol but now a days I have calmed down get myself some tea and biscuits something like that and hardly overcompensate these days so thats lucky for me.Oh I wish it was a miracle for you but diabetes never wants a miracle to happen does it.
The only think that I can think of is that I corrected the other night that I was high then woke up hypo at like 5am and then the same thing happend last night so then been treating hypo since.
I am gonna keep fighting the good fight and you do the same.

I am jealous.


Since I have a huge amount of variability in this cruising life, yeah I have some unpredictable hypos. Just last week, a day after running all over, swimming, hiking and kayaking, I couldn’t get my BS up until just before bed, then wham(!) 284. Previous to that all my reading were like 55 - 64. I must have tested 15 times.

Fair Winds,

I get that as well esp when I want to do something and then it just kicks in ruins everything and then goes high as soon as I finish and want to rest arghhh makes me angry.
The worst is the sore fingers I hate looking at them they look so ugly now.

Just a couple times a week. Sometimes I think those of us who have relative stability are just lucky. But basically I am pretty conservative about corrections, especially if it’s bedtime. I had one scary low before I got my doses right and I’m pretty conservative with insulin ever since. I don’t overcompensate with treating lows; I don’t use food at all, just glucose tabs, one or two only. Seems like it’s easy to get on a seesaw that way. I also confess to not being much of an exerciser and it seems like lots of the people who struggle with lows, it is exercise related (how ironic is that?). I hope you can get it more even, doesn’t sound like fun at all!

Hi Osob,

I used to get lows daily. I’ve gotten it down to about 1-2 per week now, but it varies a lot. I had two today, but today’s the day in my monthly cycle when I get lows (and crave chocolate – how convenient).

I posted a question about this almost two years ago when I was really struggling with lows. I got some really helpful answers. click here

Zoe-No more corrections for me for 23 years never ever corrected until I was told about it in the carb counting course and its not nice at all always end up going hypo esp at night so going to go to my old school ways and ride it out with cleaning or going to sleep even though I would wake up hypo even it really is not fun.Exercise and hypo are best friends they really are but I found if I take less insulin before my exercise I am better off

Hi,I love when that happens hypo then you can have the chocolate its lol cycle makes everything go a bit
Thank you for the link seems like I have lots to read through and get some brilliant advice from.Need to have less hypos so that my doctor cant blame my A1C reading on

Some days the lows never stop, but I think I have one low and one high a day and I think I would have more, but I test so often I can sometimes catch before I go low.

If I don’t move or eat my bloodsugars flatline, now that is a way to live. :slight_smile: