How much do you like pickles?


I'd buy a pickle on a stick if I could get over paying $2 a pop. I'm a frugal pickle lover, and the sourer the dill the better, in my opinion.

I'm not so fond of pickle -juice- though. Apparently though, there are people who love the stuff, hence the advent of the It's a pickle juice popsicle. Of course they mention on their website how it makes a great, diabetic-friendly low carb snack. And all the vingear is good for your blood sugar too, right?

My mind boggles, my tastebuds say, 'lets not..'.

Now, if it were olive juice...


Oh dear lord. Gross.


OMG, and no, I did not see that at the Minnesota State Fair. ,and think of the salt content. Ooof.


I used to drink the pickle juice from the jar as a kid. I would split it with my friend. And I had a pickle sno-cone once. It tasted exactly how you’d expect.


I admit, even though I will swell up like a balloon, I LOVE PICKLE JUICE! Way more than actually eating the pickles! I’m can’t imagine what I’ll crave when I’m pregnant.