How much do you pump?

Mine is ranges from .6 to 1.1 over 24 hours. TTD ends up around 36 units of Novolog. I am 44 yrs old 6' and 180 lbs. In good shape. Run and cycle for exercise. Best Regards ,Mike

Thanks to everyone for sharing their stats. After some tweaking, my BGs are beginning to stabilize. Right now, I'm cutting out a lot of carbs and pumping 30 - 45u.

I average 35 to 50 units per day, depending on what I'm eating.

Recently, though, I had a cortisone shot and had to increase my basals by 50%, so I'm changing the site like every 2 days instead of 3 1/2. It's finally starting to normalize, though.


apparently 35-50 units...
i eat too many carbs though apparently >_<

I am really curious about this. I am enrolled in Dr. Faustman's trial, and I'm really curious about my results. Since it's a double-blind trial, I doubt they'll give me much (if any) information.

When I had my C-peptide tested 3-4 years ago, it came in at less than .1 (ng/mL?). So, I've just taken it for granted since then that I produce no insulin. I really wonder if that's true, even after 27 years of DM type 1.


Why did you switch from Humalog to Novolog? A few months ago my insurance stopped covering Novolog and I was switched to Humalog, they said studies showed no difference and Humalog was cheaper.

Humalog 30-day Average 25, range 20-30

On Novolog my range was 15-20

I average 60-90 grams carb per day

Over the last few years I have decreased daily avg from about 70-80, I haven't really changed my grams of carb, just the choice of carbs. I thought, oh my gosh I am regenerating islet cells and they are functioning and producing insulin. Is it crazy to think this?

I asked my Endo about a c-peptide test... and he said, sure he would order this, yet if it showed higher levels then insurance would stop covering cost of insulin, and would not allow me to upgrade or replace my insulin pump. (I am not sure at what level that would occur). My endo also suggested that I increase carb and insulin dose.

Can anyone explain lab values for c-peptide test? At what level would exogenous insulin not be required or prescribed?

Thank you,

Last week: 25 - 45u / day. Down to about 35g carb. Much tighter control.

Saw a couple things that make me want to come back to this. Noticed US RDA is 300g carbohydrate. Also read about a few accounts of honeymoon period lasting years, possibly indefinitely by avoiding carbohydrates. Something you might want to look into. Good Luck!

I am curious about my c-peptide levels as well. I never had the test done. Maybe some of my mysterious lows actually came from my pancreas? The long time T1's that still had, and were able to recover some beta cell function in the BCD vaccine trial; were measured with a special, super sensitive c-peptide test that found traces undetectable to the test at your Dr.'s office. So, I don't think our D is going away any time soon, unfortunately.