How much dropping/movement in sugars?

If your basal rates are set right… then how much does your blood sugar move around or fluctuate at any given time, what is normal for an hour or even a 4 hour period??? I ask because I am going on a new pump in 2-3 weeks and trying figure out basal rates, so I know I’ll stay level/stable and not go low or anything while in classes or working for 4 hours and I can bolus to cover all my food and stay normal. Like today I dropped 60 points in 50 minutes right before noon that is my killer hour where no matter what seem to drop atleast 30 points with out insulin in me unless my breakfast insulin stays in me 3-4 hours idk I kinda doubt it though…I tend to go high after eatting breakfast and need tad bit more insulin but I still been bolusing bit lower and or waking up tad high but I adjusted some overnight sugars that will bring that down hopefully anyway yea I go up high 2 -3 hours later but then drop on its own by 12:10 when I get out of school I had dropped a total of 80 points in a four hour period I was high to start with and did not do a correction to see the trend and tendency of dropping I mean had I been in mid or low 100’s to start with where would I have ended up?? I again today tweaked and lowered my insulin by a point and two degrees different that 11-12 …small tweaks and watch how I do friday but its still ultra annoying and a puzzle to me has anyone else experienced anything like this is this normal,any explanations??? Any other advice on what adjustments might be needed???

Get the book Pumping Insulin by John Walsh and read it. It will help you figure out a lot about the pump. Also talk to your doctor about where your basal rates should be set at.

Wonderful book. Definitely get this book. He says something about how you should alter your basal rates if you see more than a 30 mg/dl drop in your blood sugar, testing each hour during the basal test.

Yea,ok and yea I have been testing every hour over 4 hours while at school thus far plus an extra 2 test during the 11:15-12:10 class and see I don’t even get to eat until like 12:30 or more like 1 on school days but I’ll see bout the book and keep doing small changes and hopefully change it before too long or ask the doc. or educator when my pump comes if cant get it right


The book is great. It will explain basal, bolus, carb testing, insulin sensitivity pretty much everything you need to know before you get started on the pump.

I just started on my pump but id wait to figure all that out till you get it and talk to your trainer and educator they will help you im using 80 percent less 60 pct of my old insulin tdd daily it dropped that much and am staying much more constant but ea individual varies…