How much Symlin do you use

I have been using Symlin for about a year now and have increased my dosage to about 120mcgs per meal... I've found that I've had to gradually increase my intake as the smaller amounts were no longer effective.

How much do you typically use?

BTW. I think Symlin is great it has really helped level out my BGL.

I too think Symlin is great! I'm on 45mcg. I haven't noticed any reduced effectiveness. I've tried as high as 60mcg, but didn't tolerate it well, so I went back to the 45mcg.

I had read somewhere that Gary Scheiner of Integrated Diabetes had also gone to 120mcg. When I was looking for that reference, I came across one where he has used it in a pump. too.
I've increased my intake to 120McG over about a year and a half. Without the Symlin, I would be miserable.

I've only managed to get up to 60 in 4 years, so I must be really sensitive.