How much time do u wait before increasing insulin units with lantus?

I have been getting high BG levels since I added carbs. I started with 10 units very little carbs.Seemed to be coming near normal. Added 10 carbs a meal then 30. It’s climbing in the 300s. I’m really very confused and feeling a little disgusted. Also on 10x2 d glucotrol. I’m D for 30 years. I’m wondering if the glucotrol stopped working. Should I see better numbers right away or do I just wait. It’s one day on new dose. Help

i usually wait a couple of days to up the dose. do you also take fast acting? im type one so i dont know about glucotrol. why dont you post this on the forum instead of as a blog? maybe more people will see it who can help. sorry i cant give you more info!

No not yet on fast acting. Just started the lantus 5 weeks ago. I don’t know how to post to forum from my phone. But trying to paste and copy. To it now. Thank u for the reply. Pancreas

I guess I will hold on for a couple of days to c what happens. Thanks Eucritta.

Why would you add carbs?

What I would suggest is to continue a low carb diet and work with your doctor to increase your lantus until you reach the point where you have gotten your fasting blood sugars under control. Your doctor should be increasing your dose at regular intervals, every few days or every week. He really should get you off Glucotrol. You don't need a sulfonylurea if you are on insulin. The sulfonylurea will just burn out your remaining beta cells and put you at greater risk of CVD. And the Lantus will do exactly the same thing as the Glucotrol, it will bring down your fasting blood sugars.

Once your fasting blood sugars are in better shape you can add a fast acting to manage your meals. In the meantime, the lower carb the better.

ps. It may take literally weeks until you reach the right Lantus dose as your doctor may make changes conservatively.

I was eating only protein and low GL.VEGGIES. The D dietitian told me I should be eating 45 carbs a meal. So I started with 10 a meal when I got to 30 my BG went nuts 325 300 fasting. I am so in denial about the meal shots. Not looking forward to it if I had too. Dr. Just increased me to 20 after 3 days from 15 units.
As far as the beta cells I have this disease for 30 years. They have left the building never to return. I have taken many pills in the 30 yrs.
0n the light side I have never taken insulin before. I did not know as u increase the dose that plunger on the pen gets higher and higher.i was surprised when I saw it.i will see where the 20 takes me. At least I know now when I get to a acceptable fasting that’s when they determine if I need the fast acting. Thank u for the reply.

Brian what is CVD?

Cardiovascular Disease.

Fire your dietitian.

You triple the amount of Carbs you eat and wonder why your BG skyrocketed?

CVD = cardio-vascular disease.

I'm like Brian, I'm wondering why you added carbs when what you were doing. If you were satisfied with your diet why change it. What you dietician has instructed is straight from the play book, unfortunately the play book was written years ago. Low carb diets are becoming more acceptable all the time.

We each must find a carb level we are comfortable with, you are not going to find it in outdated dietary advice. I can understand if you don't carry low carb to an extreme but trying to eat to preset standards isn't the answer.

Gary I was eating no carbs. Only protein and LG veggies. Both the Dr. And dietitian told me to have 40 carbs a meal.They said u need carbs for energy. When I hit 30 per meal my BG went to 300 fasting. 30 carbs is 2 slices of whole wheat bread with 2 oz low fat cheese Or plan yogurt 1/2 cup of blueberries. My sugars were good only because I was only eating protein and veggies.Could not continue with no carbs. That’s why I added carbs.

How many carbs do u all eat. Can u give me an example. Show me a sample of a lunch and dinner so I can know what I should be eating.

Terry first week up a couple of unit’s 2nd week up couple of unit’s this week from 15 units to 20 in 3 days. I’m on 20 starting tomorrow.

i would just reiterate what others have said above:
-fire that dietician
-the 45 grams of carbs a meal is not necessary. the more carbs, the more difficult it is to control bg!
-find a carb intake that is right for you.

but really, if eating 10 or 20 carbs was working for your body, go back to it!

I have to be realistic. I will not be able to exist on 10 carbs. That’s why they are trying to adjust my lantus. That would make me take a vacation from D. And go on a binge. I just want to eat a normal meal. Follow my exchange diet and then adjust my insulin. Don’t fast acting users dial their dose by way of carbs they eat? I’m sure they eat more then 10 carbs a meal. Still waiting for a sample of someone’s lunch and dinner meal. Thank u.

When I started lantus 5 weeks ago.The lantus people gave a free class and a 4 month contact and access to diabetic dietitians. I have been in contact with both. They have online classes all free from lantus. The site is The lantus site Is free unlimited access for 4 months. They work with the doctor. The nicest part is it is interactive and live.

"Show me a sample of a lunch and dinner so I can know what I should be eating."

Well, what you should be eating is completely up to you. If you want 40 grams of Carbs per meal, go for it. But please don't do it just because someone (even, maybe especially, a "dietitian") told you to.

Here is my lunch and dinner today, merely as an example..

'HUGE' Grilled chicken breast salad: 12 grams of Carbs depending on how much dressing and additives you like.

Cheese burgers: Zero + 4 grams Carbs per tbsp Ketchup. One cup of blackberries: 15 grams of Carbs. So two burgers is 8 + 15 = 23. No bun, I eat very, very little bread.

Breakfast was 38.

So 38 + 23 + 12 = 73 total.

But then again I'm on a pump, so I have a much greater ability to address mealtime variability and resultant BG response that you do being on lantus alone.

I'm a big guy and have a huge appetite but today is a pretty typical day for me (some days much less, some days quite a bit more) and I'm satisfied and my BG is good.
Last A1c was 6.1, my pump says 122 mg/dl average of the last 120 days, and my meter says 117. My fasting average is right around 87.

Brboyer. Thank u for the sample menu. I can handle this. It was very helpful. So I will be trying to keep the carbs under 80 grams per day. And see if my fasting BG gets in normal range. From what I understand that’s when they determine if ur before and after #s. Will require fast acting. I am Italian and love pasta. I guess that’s out. Pizza out. It’s very hard when u come from a family that has food so much in their lives. We eat for every occasion. We make up some. Ha ha I was told using the meal time fast acting gives u more options as far as carbs. But I think I will see how it goes with the 80 carbs a day. Thanks again. Want to share recipes. Lol Never know what to eat for breakfast. Very sick of eggs.

I really like oat meal but was scared to eat it. I will try it. I think u are allowed English muffin 1/2.That would be an exchange. Whole grain would be better I think. Do u know what the target rise a meal should go after a meal? Say before meal is 120 how high the rise?

Can u explain the 1:10 formula. If my BG is still high after meals. I may have to go on pre meal shots. How does the carb to insulin work. Plz give an example. Thanks