How not to be an old lady

So Another member, Jessicola, had a wonderful idea about idea’s for blogs. look for a random phrase,from a book, magasine, whatever floats your boat and write about it.

I had just finished reading a book called HOW NOT TO BE AN OLD LADY>

It had just arrived in our home the other day, one of my mom"s friends, had sent it to her for her birthday which is coming up soon.

Beings as it has several refernces about D I figure it is an appropriate phrase to pick to write about.

The author is 80 yrs old and has more energy and more life in her that I have seen in many people 1/4 of her age. Her book is very entertaining, and some sad parts, as she out lived her youngest daughter who died from D at the age of 40.

So if you ever come across this book, read it laugh and weep and learn a thing or two.

Here are some things I learned over the last 45 years that have retarded the ageing process for me.

Head to toe…lets start with the hair!

I was very blonde as a child, and seemed to get darker every year.With all the stress in my life, I began to go grey at 25.

I have dyed it ever since. I imagine it would be 50% white or grey by now, not sure as when I see the roots starting to show…its either off to the salon or I use root touch up inbetween visits.
So basically, I have no clue what color my hair is and I am really not all that curious!
I am a redhead at the moment.I think I will keep it that way for awhile,as it has been really fun!

My face

I was blessed with good skin rarely any blemishes even as a teen so other than moisturizing, I can’t help ya there! I do however find That the older I get the less makup I use. And when I look at pictures of me way back when, I think I am more beautiful now than I used to be and get better every year.I have no idea why… its just the way it is.

My torso area

I always wore good supportive bras, even to bed, and as I have been told, I have a great rack that would put many 20 somethings to shame!

No drooping or sagging… again good genetics!

I had plastic surgery on my abdomen about7-8 years ago, because I had tore all my muscles really bad when I was pregnant had a c-section. Before pregancy I was 5’9 125 lbs
day before the birth of my son 200lbs! I was sick as a dog. supriesed I here actually!
I had many complications including diabetes ( gestational) which went untreated because well I wasn’t informed until a few weeks before my sons birth.

Long story short, my teeny tiny waist took a beating and then some. The muscles stretched out so much that even working out all the time, there was only so much I could do as they were in really in bad shape.

IDidnt mind so much but I had a very physical job, and not having the ab muscles to support my back muscles, my back started to give out and it was so painful all the time I HAD to do something besides taking pain meds all the time.

It was the best 8 grand I have ever spent. And although I didnt do it for the looks, it was a bonus that it looks fabulous too. The relief it gave me from my back pain was priceless and immediate.

From the waist down

I used to be the girl that everyone hated, I could eat what I wanted, how much I wanted, and never gained an ounce.

I never had hips though, kinda boyish actually, but as I have gotten older I have put on a few pounds in that area, and although it is fat not muscle… I kinda like the curves for a change!

I have great legs, i hid them for years when I was younger because I was as shy as they come.

And I like the looks I get when I wear a pretty dress.

slim ankles which look nice, but are weak as a kitten so I cant wear heels that are too high … did I mention I was a clutz?? lol

Small feet. size 61/2-7 maybe thats why I am so clumsey…I am tall with a small foundation!!! LOL

Oh Ya, I had crooked teeth that I was always self conscious about so at 43, I got braces and had them on for two years. I could tell you stories about my adventures with them but I will save that for another blog.

Bottom line ladies and gentleman… LOVE YOURSELF!!!

I have been single for quite awhile now and when I was licking my wounds from a heartbreaking divorce, I discovered that younger men really love older women…now if THAT doesnt keep you young… I dont know what will!!!

Its nice to know that at 45, younger men still think I’m hot!!! I figured, that may not last very long so enjoy it while I can, before I break a hip! LOL


anyway, anytime, it doesnt matter how just do it!

be silly once in awhile!!! I was in line at a sandwich shop one day with a much younger co-worker, and a song came on that had a really catchy tune and an irrisistible beat. Well… I started off tapping my toes and it when from there… Next thing I know, I am dancing right there in the line up!!! It was the very first time I really didnt give a crap what other people thought, and it was so freeing!!!I have done it many times since… when the spirit moves you… JUST DO IT!!!

At least a few times a week I will have 1/2 a glass of red wine and 3 peices of dark chocolate with a hot chili pepper zing to it mmm yum!

And take that fancey top out of your closet for petes sake and wear it… to the opera to the grocery store where ever… every day is special so dress for it. Wear your finest underwear…all the time!


Ok well that is all I have on that topic for now!!!

Hope you enjoyed!

Love your attitude! You go, girl.

If you look for her on youtube search for mary mchugh ( the tapdancing granny) she has several videos on there. Very cute for an 80 yr old! lol

Love your blog Karebear!! I’m a young grandma of 8 (well 9 before the summer is over). Having the kids sleep over every weekend… keeps me young. Play Wii with them. Pretend to know how to work the technology. They think I’m young. Give them a ride on the ATV. Pretend to know that you really know how to operate it. They think I’m cool. HipHop to Rap with them. Pretend that you love that music. They think I’m silly. We are busy till bedtime. Old grannies read traditional bedtime stories - they read to me, because I’m too exhausted. And I’m not pretending!

Very close to 5th decade of T1D and I’m Loving life because my young ones keep my young!

Good to hear NancyR !!!
My stepdaughter has 2 babies… I havent met them yet but I cant wait to spoil them!! Grandchildren are much mor fun that our own kids!!! at least we can hand them back when we have had enough!!! LOL