How often Can you get ketones?

My daughter who was dx'd 2 yrs ago gets ketones atleast once a month - anywhere from low to moderate.

As she is on omnipod now we are having more issues when the canula comes out or when she knocks the pod off at school while playing. Although we have always caught that on time and corrected it too, I was wondering if this ok at all? Her A1C so far has been 6.7 to 7 consistently - does that matter when you are periodically getting ketones?

T1D is a puzzle-wish I could solve.

I guess that’s why I’m not on the pump, I worry too much about it malfunctioning. The A1c can look fine because your daughter could run from 30-500s and the average is o.k. But the highs are damaging and frequent ketones is not something you want.

Ketones can occur whenever BG is high. Low to moderate isn’t anything to be overly concerned with. High ketones & high BG is cause for action. Ketones in the morning are common because the body is fasting & burning fat for energy. Ketones can also be present with dehydration. It doesn’t have to be severe dehydration. When your daughter has ketones, have her drink water & test again.

I agree with Gerri – no need to worry about low to moderate ketones. Even people without diabetes get low ketones when fasting.

I think if we all tested for ketones everyday, we would be surprised how often we have small levels even with normal blood sugars.

But pump failures should be treated promptly because it is easy to get HIGH ketone readings with those and they can be much more dangerous.