How often do you change your meds?

I have had my medications changed 3 times this year. I am getting them adjusted again (same one for the 4th time in 3 months.).I started with insulin(almost 4 years ago) and this year we are trying pills.metformin,diamicron didn’t work, now we are trying glyburide. So how often do you adjust and change meds? Is it o.k for the body? Having lots of highs and lows.

Are you type 2 ??
I would say the highs and lows are not good for the body ( anyone with diabetes ) .

I’m a Type 1, so I’ve always used only Insulin, diet and exercise. My Endos have always switched me to the newer Insulins(if I agreed) and they recommended how many units I should take except for the Lantus. I changed to that Insulin myself in 2006 and decided how many units I should take and how often, myself. My Endo also was Very helpful during my pregnancies. Otherwise, since I moved away from home at age 17, I’ve always decided my own daily dosages. Sometimes, I Really blew it. :smiley:

For me, an ideal blood glucose level is between 3.8mmol/L and 7.0mmol/L. Not not forgetting reasonable spikes of course, after a meal. Others prefer 4.0mmol/L to 6.0mmol/L. These last numbers are next to impossible to stay in that range for long.

If you are asking, Is it okay for the body, to adjust and change meds? If it is needed, to get your sugar level in range… then, yes it’s okay for the body. You’ve only had Diabetes for 4 years, it takes time to accept the disease and the new Lifestyle changes. It is okay to experiment with meds and dosages until you and your Endo find the correct balance. Don’t expect perfection all the time. No one gets that.

If you are asking, Is it okay for you body to have lots of highs and lows? Then, no, it is not Good for the body to have blood sugars that fluctuate too much.

Eating lower carb foods or smaller portions of food and losing some weight, if needed, also makes it easier to keep blood sugars closer to the ideal range. Some Endos prefer their Type 2 Patient’s to remain on Insulin. It all depends. I think testing often and keeping a log is important for a Type 2 also. At least until they and their Endo get their treatment plan on the correct track.

Im a type 2. When I was first diagnosed (August 2007) doctor prescribed 500 mg metformin and 2 mg glimiperide twice daily. After 8 months, the metformin was decreased to 500mg and glimiperide 2mg to once daily. after 4 more months (a year after diagnosis) the glimiperide was removed and my 500 mg metformin was reduced to once daily. If youre asking if the med changes/adjustments are ok? I would say yes. The doctor will give us medications that will best help us in the management of our diabetes. And sometimes they will change and adjust depending on how our body respond to the meds (based from several factors like: blood works, comfort, necessity etc.) And i dont think it is ok for the body to have “lots” of highs and lows.

type 2 diagnosed in '96. I get my meds changed around as needed and may at some point just move onto insulin. when diet and exercise alone wasn’t enough i moved onto metformin and prandin, later tried byetta but it did not agree w/ me, my fasting sugars went up so I took more metformin then added in januvia and glimperzied were added when my A1C started going up.
I started on crestor when my bad cholesterol was inching up

highs are bad for the body over time and cause damage to amon other things your eyes, kidneys

Not type 2 confirmed,but Dr. said it is looking like it might be.

My ideal level is 4-6mmol/L, but am o.k if it is 7-8mmol/L. Iam currently going 2-3mmol/L and between 10-18mmol/L .Not liking it and having hard time finding in between. I also am a perfectionist big time! This sucks.I do not need to lose weight (120lbs) and am on a diet to get 5lbs on me right now which isn’t working to well.I am working with a dietitian right now. Thanks for your reply. HB