How Often Do You Get an A1C Test?

We ran a story this morning on Diabetes News Hound about a new at-home A1C test kit from Bayer. Check it out here: Bayer Launches At-Home A1C Test Kit

It got me to wondering how often everyone here actually had an A1C test from their doctor and how often you all think an A1C test is necessary? The idea of an at-home A1C test seemed pretty interesting to me, but since it is not intended to replace the A1C test administed by your doctor, is it really needed?


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2x a year. In fact I had it this morning. That’s enough times for me. I don’t like needles.

Before I see my Endo I get A1c test. I see him twice a year.

I get one about every 3 months, from my doctor. I have used the A1CNow kit from Bayer, in between months, to see how well I’m doing. Just like anything else, it’s just a tool. Just like glucose meters they are not 100% exact, but they are a useful tool to know an overall picture of what one’s blood glucose levels are like, over a long period of time… since they see the numbers we may not see, when we are not testing with the glucose meter.

2x’s per year. Along with a ton of other tests. :slight_smile:


I tested four mail-in A1C kits and the Bayer kit. Huge variance (nearly full point–as in 7.6 instead of 6.7) compared to my doc office A1C (6.7).

Every three months along with all the others test one week prior to my visit to the Endo’s

When I go to my endo, which is on average every 3-4 months.

Every month with the Bayer. Hardly any difference between my Doctors test and the home test. I get mine tested at the Doctors office every 3-4 months when I go in for my check.

4x per year, 1 per each endo visit (quarterly).

Every 3 months for me…then off to the endo.

FYI: the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) just announced a few weeks ago that they now approve of the use of A1c alone for the diagnosis of diabetes (here’s the link). We’ve already started using it in the clinic, > 6.5 we start to treat (or at least explore options more aggressively).

Every three months, and usually by fingerstick, unless I have other bloodwork being done. Have never done a home test.

Kelly, can you share the results of the testing you did?

I get an A1c every four months at endo. I have used mail in. I would use the Bayer kit as a motivational tool. I’m having a tough time getting mine lowered right now. Checking it every 1st of the month may help keep me motivated.

Every 4 mo at endo. Never done a home, just watch my averages.

Every 3 months

Quarterly…together with a gazillion others tests! HbA1C, FBS, Cholesterol, Liver Enzyme, Amylase, Urinary, Uric Acid, CBC, etc. etc. (I think I ran out of alphabet letters! LOL)

I participate in the disease management program for diabetes in germany. This DMP requires the A1c to be determined quarterly.

For this test I will only trust in lab equipment.