How often do you get false readings?

It seems like I am getting a false reading like once a week. I’ll test and it’ll say 205 and then I test again and its 110. Or it’ll say 41 and I am 100. Its very wierd. Does this happen to anyone?

I use a CGM as well as my PDM. My readings are almost always within 10 points of each other. Sometimes when my sensor is starting to die out I get weird readings but the PDM seems to always be on target.

Are you sure when you get an unexpected high reading that you washed your hands before testing. I learned after several weird readings a few years back that at least using water without soap gives you a better reading than just skippinng that step. Sometimes you think you’ve touched nothing but you actually have and you will get a wild reading. That may not be what is happening to you but it is something to consider.