How often do you have a super high?

How often do your blood sugars reach the 400, 500 or 600 mg/dl range? What is normally the cause when you reach this level?

I can think of ONE time in almost 26 years my blood sugar was over 400 mg/dl (417 mg/dl to be exact) after my initial diagnosis. I was 18 years old and forgot to take my insulin. The only time in my diabetes life I forgot to take it. That was almost 20 years ago and I was checking my sugars 2-4 times a day (R and NPH insulin).

Gosh, I had a 350 just two days ago. I had one of those stable, stable, stable at 90… and then take insulin shot in preparation for eating a small, low carb meal… and then stable, stable, stable at 120 for THREE hours. And then WHAM! It shoots straight up to 350 and REFUSES to come down for about 4 hours.

Fun is.

But, usually I can keep my postprandials (even though they STILL hit really hard and really late and really sudden) at a stable 250 for 5 hours. But, once in a whlie, the 350 kick the ■■■■ out of me.

For example. This morning I woke at 252. Why? Who the f knows? Went to bed at 140, and even took a shot of Apidra before sleeping. Then, I took a shot of Apidra at 7:15am. Still stable two hours later at 205. Took another shot of Apidra at 10:00am. Still stable at 190. Took another shot of Apidra PLUS my daily Levemir at 11:00am and I’m FINALLY coming down to 140s. Took THREE shots and FOUR hours to bring it down only 100 points.

I’m sure I’m going to bottom out soon.

But… to answer your question- 400s have been out for at least 6 months, but the 300s are still in the game- though only about once every few weeks. Thank goodness!

Not since a year ago right before I got on insulin when I was having readings hitting the 400s. (I had been misdiagnosed a Type 2, good on oral meds for a year and a bit then started climbing up). Now, the worst I see is a very occasional # in the 200s. Marps, I gotta say I can definitely hear your frustration with all the swings you deal with that you can’t predict or explain and I think you have an amazing attitude about it!

Zoe- I used to think I was misdiagnosed diabetic (at all) when I first started out 12 years ago. It was obviously just denial… haha.

I just figure there’s gotta be… something… that I can do to fix these swings. I don’t like feeling like this and there’s gotta be something out there that will explain and help me. It’s been going on for a few months now that I can’t even GUESS where my BG is going to be. I’ve switched from Humalog to Apidra, which worked for a few weeks, but now I’m back to waiting out 3 or 4 hours of highs before they come down (with no additional carb intake). I could cry with how hard it’s been, honestly. haha.

But, laughing is more accepted and what else am I going to do? Crying never did anyone any good except for the tissue companies. Right?

So great to see others who can deal with this disease. Great so see others who can get their BG under control. Gives me hope.

I hit 400-something once when I forgot to take basal before bed. Aaah, the joys of dawn phenomenon. Woke up with a throbbing headache & felt like a hangover. Thankfully, I haven’t been that high again.

Sorry, Marps. That’s awful.

I will ask my database:

Number of glucose values above 250:
2010: 2
2009: 18
2008: 22

Highest glucose values
2010: 279
2009: 312
2008: 349

So nothing above 400 for the last years. But I am sure that I have seen higher numbers in the years before. It happened very rarely but to forget the Levemir shot is an efficient approach to reach these high numbers. This is why I am using the HumaPen Memoir for my Levemir.

Thinking way back to the year 1991 I had a serious car accident and nearly lost me leg in this event. I had freaking high numbers and even in intensive care and being hooked to an infusion pump this was not under control. I was forced to manage my blood glucose alone because these people had no clue about type 1 diabetes. I had discussions with the head physician where he claimed that Protaphane is a 24 hour insulin (you got an F). Even a nurse from the hospital where I was diagnosed came over to help me. Coincidently this was the day when I reacted very badly to the blood transfusions. The oxygen saturation in my blood went down drastically and I ended in intensive care and the friendly nurse was locked out. This is really no place to be conscious with people dying around you. At least the personel had some kind of dark humour and gave me the book “The Silence of the Lambs” to read. Bad memories indeed but on the same day I was surprised by a very unexpected visitor that found her way into the care unit. Good and bad, life and death all in one day. Sorry for the sentiments.

Actually, Holger, it’s interesting to see more of you than your really great control and insulin therapy suggestions. :slight_smile: It’s nice to know more of the “back story” of who is Holger?

haha. Been at this 12 years and STILL ain’t got it figured out. Docs dont help either. But… I WILL get there. you guys are great support and motivation.

maybe over 300 once a year. once cause i ate a small bag of hard pretzels and once cause I drank a super sugary drink on a night on the town (really really stupid)

a super sugary… alcoholic… drink? haha.

yep ‘the jester’ supposedly the strongest drink on bourbon street. alchol lower sugar right? at least that was my logic. i should stick w/ the red wine

haha. Yeah. I’ve seen crazy results with things like After Shock (duh, the crystals are right at the bottom of the bottle- PURE sugar- duh) and Goldschlagger shots.

I stick to boring and dry now. haha.

AFTERSHOCK! they still make that junk. roommate in college had a bottle cause he like the crystals. i wanted no part of it.

omg I used to pour out the alocohol just to get to the crystals. haha. Well, that was BEFORE i was diagnosed. Used to sneak it out of my big sister’s dresser drawer when I was 12. Diagnosed at 14…
Maybe that’s what caused it??? haha

Marps, you amaze me more and more every day… :stuck_out_tongue: