How Often Do You Test Your Blood?

We ran an article this morning on Diabetes News Hound about a pair of recent studies claiming that testing blood sugar daily has only marginal benefit to people with Type 2 diabetes. But I think this article is relevant to all diabetics because it also explored the cost angle of test strips, which can be really pricey. You can read it here: Researchers Question Benefit of Test Strips for Type 2 Patients

It got me to wondering, regardless of which type of diabetes you have:

A) How often you check your blood sugar?
B) How much it costs you each month for your strips?


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10 times per day
$25 co-pay per month

without insurance it would be over $200 for strips alone.

A) 5-6
B) $6.99/mnth dispensing fee

7-8 times per day (sometimes up to 10 times a day), (I am a T2 on insulin), I believe the article references those T2, over 65, not on insulin however

nothing - I get strips through my insurance DME benefit, with which if I use a participating provider, which I do, has no co-insurance or deductible.

A) 15
B) $20.00 co-pay for 400 strips per month

6-10 times a day depends if I combine my after dinner with my bedtime test or my wake up with pre-breakfast and then there is always those I don’t feel right let’s check the BS times
$20 Co-pay every 90 days strips only add another ten for the lancets

Type 1 insulin pumper

a) 12-18 times a day with CGMS
b) $35 / 600-700 test strips a month

6-8 times a day.

$5 copay a month

a) 7-9

b) 0