How secure is the ICE (In Case of Emergency) info on your Mobile Phone?

I just upgraded from a phone (Motorola RAZR V3m) that did not have any specific ICE fields to one that does (LG Env2). One of the advantages of ICE is that your ICE contacts will be available for emergency contact even if your phone is locked.

The Verizon Wireless version of the Env2 has room for three ICE contacts and three “Personal Information” text notes in the ICE area.

When the phone is locked, the contact numbers are secure (as they should be), but the “Personal Information/notes” fields are completely editable and erasable, even when the phone is locked.

This obviously leaves those fields (and me) vulnerable to both accidental erasure and deliberate attack (replace information with misinformation, etc.). I have a feedback complaint in to Verizon Wireless, but I don’t expect any update to the firmware any time soon (if at all). (FWIW: aside from this issue, I’m very happy with the phone… but I am not unconcerned)

To help others who are looking to change/upgrade their mobile phones, it might be useful to keep track of models that do, and do not, place accidental erasure security on your emergency information. The following information should allow us to build a thread of recommended and disrecommended models, based solely on health information security.

Does the phone have a distinct ICE area (I-C-E buttons, “In Case of Emergency” contact area, “ICE” button on screen of locked phone, etc.)?
Are the ICE numbers accessible when the phone is locked?
Are the ICE numbers secure (read-only, can’t erase) when the phone is locked?
Does the phone have ICE text information fields?
Are the ICE information fields secure (read-only, can’t erase) when the phone is locked?
Is there a separate level of security for ICE when the phone is not locked?

Starting off the chain:

Country: United States
Carrier: Verizon Wireless
Manufacturer/Model: LG Env2
Is there a distinct ICE area? Yes, at the top of the Contacts list when unlocked, left soft-key when locked
Are the ICE numbers accessible when the phone is locked? Yes
Are the ICE number secure when the phone is locked? Yes
Are there ICE text information fields? Yes
Are the text info fields secure when the phone is locked? No (they are editable and eraseable)Is there a separate level of ICE security? No