How to Ask for Glucose/Dextrose Around the World

Since the summer travel season is approaching, I thought I would pass along a few words I have found useful to have over the years. You never know when you’re in a foreign country and you need to buy glucose/dextrose tablets for treating hypos. This list is not all-encompassing, only those I’ve managed to save over the years. If anyone has any others in other languages to add, please share them!

Danish: Druesukker

Dutch: Druivesuiker

German: Traubenzucker (Note: German-made dextrose tabs are sold elsewhere in Central and Eastern Europe, so the word may also work in places like Slovenia, Poland, etc.)

Italian: Glucosio

Spanish: Glucosa

Swedish: druvsocker, dextros

U.K.: In spite of speaking the same language, if you visit a chemist (pharmacy) in the U.K., I found asking for dextrose tabs worked, while asking glucose tabs got me strange looks from the pharmacist.

South Africa: Super C (This is a brand name, so it works in any of the 11 official languages. Also you can find them in the chocolate and sweets aisle or at the till (er, checkout in American?) in the supermarket, so you don’t have to go to a pharmacy for them.)

Great idea Scott!!

Hungarian: szőlőcukor= glucose tabs, glükóz= glucose, cukor= sugar

In France I have been unable to find dextrose/glucose(no language difference) at a pharmacy. You can often buy it in large sports shops. Every bar/cafe normally has wrapped packets of sugar lumps.(sucre).

Hi, in French in Canada, they are called “pastilles de glucose/dextrose”.

In Hebrew, sugar is “sukar.” Dextrose is apparently “sukar payrot” (literally, “fruit sugar”). Glucose can also be “sukar payrot,” apparently, or “glukoza.”

In some pharmacies, in France, there are BD glucose tabs. In sports shops sometimes it’s not only glucose or dextrose, they add salt, vitamins to give energy.
First lesson : If you need sugar (packets of sugar in café, bar, restaurant, you must ask:
“Pouvez-vous me donner un morceau de sucre, s’il vous plait?” Je suis diabétique, j’ai une hypoglycémie"( can you give me one lump of sugar please, I have diabetes and I have Hypo)
if you need more than one : " Pouvez- vous me donner deux morceaux de sucre/ or trois morceaux de sucre?..
If you need more tell me , I will be very happy to help !