How to attach Dexcom 7?

Hi, Hope some experienced dexcom users can help. Am new to Dexcom and so far think its great but i do have a prob attaching. This morning went through usual process and pinched skin, pressed plunger all way down. Think if honest i forgot to put fingers underneath hood and pulled back to wait for 2 clicks. Instead i placed fingers on tothed based and pulled back resulting in the rubber sensor (with 2 black holes) disconnecting. I am concerned the sensor has been left under my skin as not visible? I cannot see anything sticking out but would appreciate any help or advice or if i need get removed?

Many Thanks


If the little part with the two “holes”, which infact are the two electrical contact pads, has detached, then your sensor is just a piece of plastic and must be removed.

I am not sure if the wire that goes under the skin will come out easily or not, to be honest with you, as this never happened to me. The wire is quite thin, but surely could produce irritation if left under the skin. I would wait and see if it gets expelled by the skin. Do keep an eye on the insertion point, and pay more attention next time you install a new expensive sensor! :smiley:

Ciao, Luca

I am getting a DexCom next week. I gotta find out though if it’s the 7 or plus. This is scary if it’s under your skin unseen. WOW! I have a lot to learn.I’m going to read read read and play the tutorial before my help gets here and charge the reciever good before she gets here. I want to know if anyone out there knows How do you transmitt the results for your Dr. ? Is there a download software for this and can I continue using my Bayer Contour Meter? I have a lot of questions don’t I ?

Nothing to be scared about, trust me! The system works, and once you get used to it you’ll wonder how could you do without before! :wink:

The Dexcom website is full of good information, so spend some time there and I am sure you will get useful tips in no time.

The software comes with the Dexcom on a CD. It’s Windows only, no Macintosh, and it’s a very nice tool that will also allow you to take your results to your Doctor. They will be very happy of seeing you with such detailed information!

Ciao, Luca