How to avoid Error 1 and "?" issue

If your BG number is very different from your sensor display, you are bound to get Error1 or the “???” error. To avoid this when my BG is very different from my DEX sensor reading, I do the following;
Say my BG is 300 but my DEX says 100, instead of entering 300 into the DEX- which will definitely trigger an error display, I enter 150; press OK and then 230; press OK and finally 300; press Ok.
This way I would have recalibrated the DEX w/out triggering any of the error messages.
Has anyone tried this method?

No I have not but I understand that the Dex uses the last 4 entered blood glucose numbers as part of it’s predictive algorithim. Not sure if this method would mess it up or not but certainly I would think it would have some effect. After you do this does the Dex seem to track well?

Yes it does track well. But most conviniently, those errors that take 2-3 hrs to clear is never triggered.

To clarify, you are saying that you will get an Error1 or ??? IF you try to recalibrate when the Dex and fingerstick are very different?

I don’t think I have every experienced an Error1 this way. Maybe ???, but I can’t say for certain. Then again, if my Dex and fingersticks are ever that far apart, it usually means my sensor is close to being kaput anyway.

Well, riddle me this: I got an Error#1 when my Dex matched my morning fingerstick exactly (109).
I re-inputted the # again and got the blood drop icon. I inputted the # yet again and it finally worked. Huh!
I was just glad I didn’t have to restart the sensor and double cal.

I’ve never tried your method. I have MM and what I do is… I turn off the sensor for a few minutes giving my sensor a chance to catch up so to speak. Then I turn it back on as a lost sensor. Works for me everytime.