How to avoid hitting blood vessels on the belly

Hello everyone,
I have Type 1 Diabetes and using CGM Dexcom G6, when I am placed a sensor on my belly and saw the bleeding on my sensor.
Would you please show me which sites on the belly is better to use to avoid bleeding after placing a sensor.

Thank you.

In my experience, it’s pretty random where bleeds vs not, and just the bad luck of hitting a capillary. If my sensor is off from the start (lots of noise, readings jumping around), I’ve found that always indicates blood, and that I should just pull it and start a new one. Dexcom should replace your sensor for you if that happens. And it shouldn’t happen often, but it does occasionally.

I had problems with this as well when I first started with dexcom G6. I felt like I was just having loads of bad luck when it came to choosing a spot. I am a pretty athletic person so my stomach is fairly toned but I figured out the more fat I have in an area the better luck I have with the sensors not bleeding! This is just personal experience. Dexcom reps have also told me that a little bit of bleeding is normal and unless its soaking the sensor it should still work even with a little bit of blood under it. If one of them bleed I usually give it a try and see if it works, if not then call dexcom.

The closer you are to your belly button, the more vessels you find. I like to put mine in my upper abdomen like rib cage area instead. Even better is in the upper arm. Triceps area. Even though dexcom says they aren’t approved, they do work there very well. Most people I know wear them in their arms, that goes for all the different brands.