How to Behave in an Internet Forum

I found this funny little video today and thought I would share it with our community.

The part about "fanboys" in regard to game consoles could just as soon be applied to insulin pumps!

Enjoy. And be excellent to one another! (Regardless of your type of diabetes, your views on the JDRF, the kind of diet you follow, how you feel about a cure, or how much you bolus for pizza.)

If you can't see it here, click this link. You may need the latest version of Flash installed.

Melissa, I can’t find the link to the video. I’d like to see it.

Try the link I just added.

I have no sound but this reads like a good Idea! oh and have a great day!

Agreed Danny! No more feeding of trolls and great video Melissa.

There’s some good advice.

Amy, my comment in the other thread about being under an illusion was not intended for you.

Haha! Love it!

“you’ve immediately lost the argument because it’s such a lame, low blow”. Too funny and too true.

We are supposed to behave?

Well try anyway! LOL!

Well then… SORRY for being an annoying T33n4g3r… I guess yall will just have to circumnavigate me and forget I exist

I thought this video was cute. Thanks for sharing it! :slight_smile:

No offense intended, TimmyMac. We here at TuD welcome and adore our members age 13-19. Please understand that the reason I posted the video is because of the many flame wars we have been facing in our community recently. I doubt anyone writing in l33tspeak is enough to set off our ordinarily friendly community. I didn’t think the part about teenagers or porn fit the context, but the rest of it was too perfect. I apologize for making you feel unwelcome.

Great summary! And funny, too.

I got kicked out of a D chat room years ago and kicked off a message board and had a whole big internet meeting, because I said either $#i+ or @ss in the room and then a moderator that we never knew existed for years popped in and told me not to swear, and I forget my reply (others would remember) and boom I was gone and after our big meeting the board shut down. I just found the whole thing amusing.

Danny probably remembers.

We love you. Timmy!

Not you, dear heart.

You fall under the AR23 Exception, which states: “If your moniker contains the letters A and R and/or the number 23, you can be as wacky as you like.”

Godwin’s Law: He forgot to mention that Godwin’s Law applies to all totalitarian regimes or dictators not directly related to the topic of the thread.

For example, invoking Iran on a thread about the correct number of times to use a lancet will break Godwin’s Law. ;0)

I’m sure I’m much more annoying than you could ever be, and I’m 54.