How to bring down post meal BG #s

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I hope you find it interesting/helpful.

I have been taking Humalog insulin since last 1 month. I have been avoiding exercise during this time as it may bring my numbers too low. Prior to insulin I used to go to gym or walk for 30 minutes after meals.

I want to achieve a new perfect bg @ 2hrs post meals in 80s. However what I have observed is that it may be 120 or 130 at 2 hour mark. It may be that I ate more than I covered for.
So I just do very little exercise of walking up and down the staircase 3 to 4 times. It immediately drops my bg down to 80s level in 2 mins. I think the trick works because at about 2 hrs insulin is at its peak.

Hope you find it useful.


I actually feel pretty good about being 120 or so 2 hrs after a meal since Humalog has a duration of action of 5 hrs. You blood sugar will like to continue dropping even without exercise.

Why do you think 120 after meals is too high?
It,s perfect

Some more info,
I am on bolus only as I am LADA. I usually take 2 units insulin with meals.

For me, I feel burning sensation in my foot when I am above 100. It goes away when bg comes down. I think it is neuropathy.
So that's why I want to bring it down.

@Brian, I have seen that after 2 hours insulin doesn't bring my bgs down. They remain flat.