How to choose which insulin

Hello friends,

I'm type 2 for around 2 years (diagnosed at July 2010) and recently I sees my BG become uncontrollable. For the past 2 months, I think i drop weight like 2-3 kgs.

I'm thinking about taking insulin. I asked my Doc about the insulin and he ask me to stay away from insulin and keep changing my oral medication. I dont see the oral medication help.

Which insulin should I go first. The long acting or the rapid insulin?
Also, should I go directly with dose calculated with 0.2 x body weight, or start with 5 unit first and climbing?

Sigelopisan, are you sure you're Type 2? You're describing a very common pattern for LADA/Type 1's. I was misdiagnosed as Type 2 and did fine on oral meds for 15 months when my blood sugars started going through the roof. Can you get antibody testing and c-peptide? Your doctor is wrong, insulin is the best treatments if oral meds don't work, and if you are in fact, Type 1 that is exactly what you need.

Some people start on either long acting or fast acting, but in time you will need both. Which you start depends on where your problem times are. If your fasting and between meals are ok and you go high after meals than you need bolus (fast acting). If the reverse, then you need basal (long acting). If your numbers are high at all different times you need both.

Calculating insulin dose by weight is not very precise. Starting with "5 units" and climbing isn't good either. Yes, for basal that would make sense (start with 5 and go from there). For bolus you need to figure your I:C ratio so you can dose according to what you are eating. I know I'm throwing a lot of unfamiliar terms at you. I strongly suggest you get the book Using Insulin by John Walsh.

I think in my case, I should start with basal first.

I'll talked to my Doctor.

BTW, which time is better? morning or night?
I do weight lifting after work time (betwwen 6.00PM - 8.00PM).
I dont want to go hypo during those excercise time :D

Anyone can help me with, what is Novolog and Lantus? is it a brand name?

Novlog is a brand of fast acting (bolus)insulin and Lantus is a brand of long acting (basal) insulin. There are only two basal insulins: Lantus and Levemir. You could take it either morning or night but many of us have better coverage by splitting our basal into two doses say when you get up and bedtime. If you start with one dose I would recommend it when you get up so you can see how you react during the day when you're awake.

Novolog and Lantus are modern insulins that are sold under brand names in the US. The are available in some countries. Human insulin is available widely across the globe. It comes in two forms, NPH (also called Insultard) and Regular (R). You may only be able to get NPH and R. You should talk with your doctor about what insulins are available to you.