How to deal with a depressing situation

my colege frnz dnt wanna hve me around bkz they cant hve pasteries n all whn i m wth thm.... n whn i assure thm tht these stupid stuff dnt effect me much they jst try n shw pity by sayng u wanna hve it oh m sry i forgot u cant ....this leaves me depressed m hampers my performance in studies.... hw shpuld i deal wth ths....hpe m alwd to ask these type of questions... if not thn plz feel free to ignore..

You are allowed to, but is very difficult to understand what you typed up there...

LOL, I have a 13 year old so I think I get the gist of it. You are certainly allowed to ask questions although our diverse crowd includes lots of old people (of which I am one...) as well as ESL folks who might not be as adept at English txtese? Or maybe it's become a lingua franca?

I would just encourage your friends to have pastries and not join in or have coffee? If you become the "black coffee" person, perhaps you can develop a noir-esque style to go along with it that would be fun, although I try to be as hard-boiled as possible at all times. It probably would not be a good idea to point this out but if your friends munch pastries regularly, they will gain > the freshman 15?

I'm in the ESL bunch! After a second read I think I got it too... and I'm a gamer so I should know broken English :)

Hey Sweety, lots of us have to deal with people around us feeling sorry for us, and when they point it out it doesn't make you feel part of the group. Acidrock has great advise, pick up something that will become "your thing", coffee, tea, a sugarfree drink or pull out some nuts. Point out to them that you CAN have these things just choose not to, they'll just have to exercise later to burn all those extra calories.

thnx a ton.... i'll surely try ths...n mst imprtnt i'll surely be careful next time before typng.... hehe.. ;)

hmmm it was the best advice ever got... thnx 2 u 2.... :)

I agree with the responses you've gotten thus far. I would also recommend letting your friends know that they don't have to do anything special when hanging out with you. If they want to eat pastries, pizza, or whatever they should. And let them know that you'll make your own choices regarding food and they don't have to worry about it. If these are friends you trust and feel comfortable with I would eventually tell them about hypoglycemia and teach them how you need to treat it. Other than that you guys should be good to go.

If they invited you over for supper on a regular basis and all they ever served was Ramen noodles and beer, it might be a different story. But for college buddies to hang out and eat pastries, that's not unusual. They can eat what they want and you can eat what you want, simple as that. No one should have to fret about it.

thank you for your advice.... :)

ok... thanx a ton... :)

Uh, right!

People mean well, even when they are dead wrong about all kinds of things. We are your PEERS, and we get it. Don't feel bad, most are sucking down "food" or something they consider "food" anyway... it will not look good/pretty come "swim suit" weather I'm betting.

We ALL pay a "price" for what and how much we eat or drink, you, I our diabetic peers here are far more aware of those "prices" than most... if we are not , if we do not "pay attention", our dragon, diabetes will bite our heads off at the earliest possibility...


You can have everything you heart desires in terms of food/drink, just make sure you are willing to pay the price required for it. Others can get away with being unaware, ignorant of the various and different costs.... you, or I, not nearly as much!


hmmm.. thanks.. :)