How to do the best thing when you become DM patient?

1 Control some Numbers of life.
2 Empower yourself.
3 Proactive your life.

Number :A1C BP BMI LDL
Do the best thing
1 fast walking
2 Low carb diet.
3 reduced weight.
5. Charge the hope.

  1. Charge the hope.

Attitude and and Spirit are just as important as medicine!


I agree with joe, Charge the is the escence of blessed life,diabetes or other things.

  1. charge the hope: might be the most important part, since this disease can be so overwhelming and frustrating at times!

I agree with you.

In 3 years ago. I refused DM in my body.
I lies myself. But Hyperglycemia not free you. My health have a problem.


Above all the positive mental attitude … GET EDUCATED!!! Learn all you can from confirmed sources. Books, doctors, diabetic nurse educators, “Diabetes for Dummies,” and any other source you can get. Be careful you don’t follow “old wive’s” tales. I have a number of publications on my shelves that may help if you wish to avail yourself of them.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

Charge the hope.
MY Dream reduced mortality rate in Thai DM patients.
I wish 35% risk reduction.