How to Eat Healthy for Less

La Grange, IL-I bet you have heard people say “I don’t have time or lots
of money to eat healthy or be healthy-minded” This is one of most
common misconceptions I hear constantly when I speak to audiences. I
understand the challenges of trying to eat well with limited financial
resources, limited time, or both. But I promise you – you don’t have
to be rich or retired to eat well and take good care of yourself. It’s
really important.

I know what it’s like to live on very little. In college and grad
school, I lived on $800 a month (for rent, food, and entertainment).
When I first worked as a public school teacher I lived on $27,000 a
year while supporting a wife and one child. Even though that was 20
years ago, it still wasn’t much for a family of three.

All of this has given me the opportunity to learn many tricks for
eating good-quality, healthy food that’s prepared with little money and
even less time. In this week’s blog, I’ll let you on some of my
secrets for eating well cheaply and quickly.

But first, I’d like to share a recent email I received from a trucker
who was diagnosed with diabetes type 2. He’s someone with limited
resources, limited time, and limited access to good quality food. He
certainly got me laughing – and hopefully will get some of you
thinking about obstacles that may not be so big after all.

Dear Diabetes Chef Micheal,

I thought I’d let you know that the things I learned from reading
your informative website and HC4U’s face-book page are really working
well for me. I drive a truck for a living and get almost no exercise.
At 5’8," I maxed out at 310 pounds. Two months ago I was heavier than
7’2" Shaquille O’Neal! I started eating right as you suggested and now,
I am down 66 pounds with no effort at all.

No hunger, no cravings, no forcing myself, no starving, no rigid
dos and don’ts – Just choosing good stuff to eat. I started drinking
lots of water and green tea with fresh twist of lemon added and eating a
big breakfast with frequent snacks of fruit, vegetables, nuts and
seeds – then not eating 3 to 4 hours before bedtime. Also, I keep
healthy snacks by my bedside too. I monitored my Blood sugar levels 5x’s
per day like you had suggested. My numbers started to level off and I
wasn’t spiking anymore"

The weight melts off like magic. I am dead serious. NO EFFORT, NO
HUNGER. I keep some healthy quick snacks in the truck just in case. My
body is getting what it needs so it has no need to scream out at me to
feed it as if I were starving. I got my life back.
If I can do
as well as I do living and eating in a truck, out on the road with a
sedentary lifestyle, imagine what a person who lives in a house with a
kitchen and regular access to markets where healthy food is available
can do!

God bless you.


Kenny from Mountains of West Virginia

Kenny’s story is a magnificent example of how a little creativity and a
lot of determination can overcome some common obstacles to good health.

If you want to have similar success, don’t just let life roll along
unconsciously and lead you into a future that may not be what you want
for yourself! Instead, I encourage you to take a serious look at how
you invest your time and money – and then make some choices about how
you spend them. Here is specifically what I recommend.

Steps Toward Eating Healthier and Living Well

First, for just ten days, keep a journal of every cent you spend and how
you spend every hour of the day. How much money do you spend on
coffee, gum, sodas, convenience foods? How much do you spend eating at
restaurants or on fast food or take out?

Next, I want you to think about how you spend your days. Do you waste
time reading tabloids, watching TV, surfing the Internet, playing video
games, or doing too many errands because you don’t plan your time

Time for reflection-am I happy or comfortable spending
time with activities presently and if you are spending your money the
way you really want. Think of money as your life energy. It represents your time in physical form. How do you want to spend this life energy?
And remember this time is all about reflection- it’s your personal time
to think in terms of the quality of life and health that you deserve.

Once you’ve thought about your answers to these questions, choose three
things to change that can give you more time or money. For example,
don’t buy that $2 coffee every day – that’s $730 a year! Or give up
watching just a half hour of some inane reality TV show a day – that’s
an extra 7.6 days a year! These aren’t hard choices.

Here are few secrets of eating well on the cheap – and on the fly that I have put into practice for myself.

#1-Healthy food doesn’t have to cost more. Research has
shown that eating healthy, whole, real food isn’t necessarily more
expensive than eating junk food, fast food, processed foods, or
convenience foods.

#2-Healthy food isn’t hard to find. You don’t have to
shop in a gourmet food store, a health-food store, or farmer’s market
or eat only organic to eat well. There are plenty of healthy foods
right in your local supermarket. Just shop around the outside aisles of
the store.

#3-Healthy food doesn’t take lots of time to prepare.Kitchen Survival Guide: Cook this Not That and Eat this Not That
by David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding. In this cookbook there are some
5-10 minute delicious and tasty recipes you make and serve yourself. Now
that you’re in on my secrets toward good health, you’re ready to start
eating right and living well!

A little creativity and common sense can go a long way. Great post.