How to find out if child has diabetes?

My son is 6 years old. He drink water like there is no tomorrow. He like drink my pop or whatever i am drinking. I taken his blood sugar but i dont know what is a good level for someone his age.

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You should probably call his doctor to ask those questions.

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What reading did you get when you’ve checked his blood sugar?

You should take your son to see his pediatrician or family practitioner at your earliest convenience.

Is he going to the bathroom a lot? Tired and lethargic?

As others have mentioned, take him to his pediatrician as soon as you can.

What was his blood sugar reading when you took it?

Good levels for kids are a bit lower than adults. Idealk8t Fasting 70 - 85 post eating less than 100.

His blood sugar was 157 this morning when i took before he had anything to eat.

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Log diwn his results and go see a Dr. 157 fasting is too high for anyone - adult or child. Record his post eating 1.5 - 2 hours after eating. If his Pat eating is higher than 140 this is also cause for concern.

He should see Dr sooner than later.

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Thank you i will call his doctor and see what they say

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Doctor (or Emergency Room) first, logging second!

If your doctor says to wait for an appointment, you need a different doctor. You want to avoid DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) at all costs!

Please let us know what happens. Please also have him eat low carb for now. You can also look up Bernstein Diabetes university on utube. Look up symptoms of dka. If you even suspect go straight to er.

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His blood sugar has been around 157 to 281. He is really scare me because i call the doctor and they everything is fine. I need to call the doctor in the morning on Monday.

That is too high. I would take him to the ER. Just to get seen immediately.

281 is NOT an “everything is fine” number. Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) is no joke. Like everyone else is saying, get him to an ER today. DO NOT WAIT until Monday!

What is a normal rang number for a 6 year old

Less than 100 is normal. Over 200 is toxic. More alarming than the numbers themselves is the mechanism in a child causing this situation to be out of control— things can go downhill fast at this point without proper intervention— go to the doctor, or the ER.

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Here what his sugar have been 281,105,206,191,174,169,153,149,178,207,170,156

Have you not been to see a physician? GO NOW!!!

DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $200 (or more blood sugar readings!)

Call me pushy or alarmist, call me anything, but PLEASE SEE A DOCTOR NOW!!!

His sugar level right know is 134

It does not matter what the blood glucose level is right now. The fact that you’ve seen levels near 300 and are not currently receiving treatment of any kind for it indicates that immediate medical intervention is necessary. Until they receive it, they are in danger.