How to get a Novamax Link Meter (the easy way)

On the advice of others, I kept calling Minimed to get my BD Link meter replaced with the Novamax Link (the Novamax uses a slightly smaller blood sample, and doesn’t need to be coded). I really don’t know how or why SOME people were able to get a Novamax Link meter out of Minimed and others are not, but that is the case.

Anyway, to get your Novamax Link meter call this number:


A Sanvita rep will get your info and send you out a new meter (although they have to give an approximate ship time of 5 weeks, the rep I spoke with said it would be much sooner, like 2 to 3 weeks).

Now, I don’t know why I kept calling Minimed… I even asked the Minimed rep if they had Novamax’s number and she said she couldn’t give it to me (like she had it, but wasn’t allowed to give it out). Shame on you Minimed!

RIght now, Medtronic Minimed is suing the Sanvita company. That probably is the cause of why there is no iving out of phone numbers.

unless your current bd link meter is broken you can use the nova max strips with it. I did it for a while. Just code your bd meter to 20 and enjoy. Other wise expect the new paradigm link onetouch meter our soon

I’ve been recoding my BD meter because the Nova Test strip bottles come with different codes (19, 20, and 21 are the ones I have seen). When you say code the meter to 20, should I just disregard the code on the bottle of test strips? Leaving the code set to 20 doesn’t change the BG result if the bottle has a code of 19 or 21?

Sorry, I don’t mean to sound so skeptical Matthew. Ignoring the code on the strip bottle was always taught to me as a big mistake. Just curious where you found out that you can do that from. Thanks.

Ahhh… now I sue… errr… I mean see why Minimed wouldn’t talk about the meter. Thanks for that info Steve.

Wow, that is news to me. I was told that Nova Max Strips all were coded to 20. If you have different codes on different bottles of strips (other than 20) use them. I am no longer using my bd meter with my 722. I decided just to wait until the new onetouch meter is FDA approved and shipped out.

go to It is up on the web site

the Paradigm Link USB Cable was received from Novamax for free and Minimed has you sign up to receive one for free as well