How to get one's diseases to play nicely

Yes , that is the question. In theory Anya’s Asthma and Diabetes are not related… In reality they are. Any time this pesky asthma is irritated it shows in the bg numbers.

We have a forest fire raging not far from us. The lungs are angry lungs… Anya’s peak flows are down a little and the wheezing is up. Her little body has gone into the fight it off mode.

We were looking at 300-400’s today. Partially because Anya has such anxiety related to her Asthma. She is so terrified of not breathing and understandably so. My girl is scared to have another year like last year. She is tired of nebulizing. She does not want to be ill from her body failing her. All of this and more just puts her whole little self out of whack.

We hit the albuteral hard today and hopefully it will be enough. We do our trip to Portland for her endo a week from tomorrow… I want her to have a healthy weekend. We always stay with auntie and I want her to have fun.

Fingers crossed.