How to get the medical communty to take this seriously?

I am sorry I don't find it sad, I find it a disgrace! I'll let you know that right now the medical community is not high on my list of favorite people. I was talking today to a woman who is in her 40's has been a type I for many, many years, YET, she can't get strips to test from her insurance co becaue she has to be at her current job for 18 months..,,,,she pays out $250 a month for the insurance and right now it covers nothing! She is on insulin and gets that paid for, bit nothing else, IF her doc would write her scripts correctly she could get exactly what she needs, Now she is forced to go out and beg strips from agencies that might help her, My husband was told by his PCP when he was diagnosed, "here take this 2000 mg Metformin a day, we'll see you in three months, nope you don't need a meter or to take readings that's what A1C's are for",. OMG!!!!! My mil doc told her that 200 was a satisfactory FBS for a woman her age,,,,,so as people who have been on this board and others have always told me, WE are our BEST source of information. IF we wait for docs to find out, we could lose an appendage or our lives, Sorry for the mistakes here I am nursing a finger back to health after almost losing a first knuckle,.