How to help me instructions?

Just curious if there is a post somewhere for instructions fro friends and family on how to help the diabetic such as–symptoms of lows and highs and what to do for each…something that can be printed for easy reference–so someone a “little” stressed out by the event didn’t miss an inportant step.

Everything I have found so far is really long and rambly–maybe I just amnot looking in the right spot?


Check out these sites with how to’s:


I don’t know how old your friends and family members are, but I found an article about Diabetes and the Effects on the Elderly that helped me in my situation with my grandfather. It was very helpful and alerted me to some things to watch out for. Hope that helps!

Thanks, my family members are not old, my wonderful hubby who has been uber supportive throughout this, just wanted soemthing is case, so he or one of the kids didn’t foget or do something wrong if I should have an emergency, like a really bad low, as I am one of those with unawareness–(thankfully they have all been caught in the 40’s, unfortunately by others as my words get slurry like I was drunk) and I am still fighting my ins for CGMS…

But thanks for the link…still working on the compilation,trying to distill something down enough to fit front and back of a piece of paper that we will laminate & post on the firdge

Funny I stumbled across this, as I have been asked by my boss for the same thing. He said it would be helpful to have a sheet of what to look for and what to do in case of an emergency.

This is what I have started with, it is designed to be on the back of my office door and consulted when something happens. This is why it is a little terse.

Symptoms of hypoglycemia:
Lack of coordination
Strange behavior
Irritability or moodiness
Blurry or double vision
Pounding heartbeat

Demand that I test. Anything under 70 is technically hypoglycemic, but
do not expect me to worry unless I am in the 50’s

Ways to treat hypoglycemia, if I can still chew:
glucotabs - located in my desk or in black case I carry around. Three will do.
6-12 ounces of NON DIET soda or fruit juice.
A teaspoon of sugar with some water to get it down.

What to do if I can not chew or am unconscious:
Treat first then call 911!
Give glucogon shot.

The glucogon shot will be located in the refrigerator with instructions on how to use it.

Beautiful, Stephen! Do the folks in your office (not just your boss) know where to find that chart?

The important part would be to list your common low blood sugar symptoms in order. Everyone has ones that are more consistant for them than others. Mine are lack of focus, concentration, slow response, paleness.

I like Stephen’s instructions but I would add where in the desk to find the glucose tabs and who else besides 911 should be called in an emergancy.

That’s a great list! Although my co-workers always tease me about acting strange even when my BG is normal! :wink: hehe

One thing I would add to my list is the 15-15 “rule”. 15g carbs, wait 15 min and test again.

Also, where your meter is usually located (mine is usually in plain view on the top of my desk). I keep the “quick view” instructions on how to test with my meter. If you are unable to test, and/or medical personnel have been notified, being able to get a reading to pass on might be helpful.

Unfortunately, the only one I appear to have is “being drunk”–others notice when my words start to slur–I do not :frowning: I am usually down to 40 something by then

Thanks…my glugogon does not say anywhere on it it needs to be refrigerated (unless under the rx label?) mines been in my purse for a couople of months???

This is a good thing to add to the list

It will be inside a ziploc bag, pinned to the wall behind my door with a small pack of gluco tabs. I am going to take out the bit about “my black case” as I carry insulin in it and would like to steer people away from anything that might make it worse.

Well to be honest they are my co-workers and friends, not my medical team. I have tried to make it easy for two reasons, this is not something they will deal with and so will forget everything told to them the moment I am done telling it and the other is it’s not their responsibility to take care of me medically.

Let me explain the second one a bit, they are not my care team, but they are friends. the notice is simple and to the point, if I am acting goofy do this, if I am passed out do this.

Since discussing this I think I will add something about calling my wife in the event of me being stupid, not passed out. This way she can come and get me and take care of me, we live ten minutes from my work

She will be notified if I go to the hospital as I have medicalert and she is listed as the first person to be called.

I really like that list too, I may have to steal it. My mother is a worry wart and would be happy to know I have something like that on me since I live so far from home. If she calls me and I’m having a bad day or just grumpy she gets mad and tells me to go eat something because my BG is low. No it’s not Dr. Mom, I’m just annoyed!

I work at a medical office so they are medical staff but when I am low (and cranky) they ask if I need insulin… So they know the symptoms but not how to treat. My boss, who is a physician, tries to give me chocolate for lows. Chocolate is terrible for a low because of the high fat content, it takes longer for the sugar to go back up.

The only thing that I need to add to the list is glucagon pen usage. I have to emphasize no insulin with lows!