How To Make Diabetes a Global Priority?

Starting with the US, I want to humbly suggest what I present in the video below (it’s from a few months ago, but still it’s valid in terms of its message) and completing this survey from the folks over at diaTribe.

Please pass the word along about the video and the survey. We can make diabetes a global priority!


You are a nice guy and I admire the honorable that you are doing, however there is NO presidential candidate strong enough to go up against the pharmacutical companies. Finding a “cure” for diabetes is NOT on their list of things to do.
fondly, Leisa
Ps. Remember, JFK was assinated.

One of the things I learned was that money given by the government for medical research is granted based on the percentages of people who die from specific diseases. These numbers are taken from the death certificates issued by the states. That is why it is so important for each of us to insure that when a family member dies of complications from Diabetes that it be recorded on their death certificate.

When my mother died, the cause of death was listed as heart failure. The heart attack was caused by the complications of Diabetes which had caused kidney failure and other organs to shut down, eventually causing the heart to just give out. So it wasn’t simple heart failure.

I insisted that the doctor record her death as heart failure due to complications of Diabetes. He was happy to do that for us. This way, her death was not just lumped in with all the others dying of heart disease. The more money we can raise for research in discovering a cure for Diabetes the better off we will all be.

I learned about this when my father died after suffering a heart attack while in the hospital. He actually had acute Peritonitis caused by a doctors carelessness resulting in a perforated stomach. But, the doctor and the hospital did not want to be liable for his death so the doctor simply listed his death as a heart attack even though my father had no signs whatsoever of heart disease.

It’s not just the drugs companies that are greedy,it’s FDA,they regulate the drug companies they get 45% of each prescription sold in America. I would blame the FDA because of their greed and control over drug companies,there forcing the dug company’s to be just as greedy.

Thanks Manny!
Your video is really touching.

I’m in Australia but I still filled out the survey because whether it be America or any other country that is willing to make diabetes one of their priorities it will benefit all of us, no matter where we are in the world.
I really hope you will have success with this.

Our previous government had a diabetes awareness campaign advertising on tv, doctors surgeries, magazines, almost everywhere you looked you’d see something about diabetes.
Being a diabetic for over 10 years, it’s after seeing this campaign that really opened my eyes and made me realize how serious diabetes is. Before that I didn’t treat it as a serious disease.
I hope the new government that is in now will continue with the diabetes awareness campaign and keep injecting money into research and subsidies.

At the moment we have a really strong campaign going for Melanoma (skin cancer) which is also a pretty big killer here in Australia.

I don’t agree that no presdential candidate that is strong enough, anyone could be strong enough it they had the backing of all of us. We are the government and I think alot of people have forgotten that. WE the people need to be strong enough to put pressure on the pharmacutical companies and the FDA to make the changes that we need to make. I hope you are not suggesting that anyone that is willing to try and stand up for what they believe is risking being killed. If we submit to that kind of thinking we can officially declare ourselves a dictatorship, I personally am not willing to do that yet.

Of course not! But look whats happened to breast cancer. Are you aware that we have much higher rates, and that mammograms cause cancer? Noone is interested in the cure.There sure is lots of attention and money being thrown around.

Manny. Thank you.