How To Make Sure Your Letter Is Read

I am getting ready to send a letter to each of my senators urging them to support Senate Bill 804. In the process, I consulted with a friend who has both contacts and experience in this area. My question to him was, what’s the best way to insure my letter actually gets read and acted on? Here’s what he told me. I think it’s worth passing on to everyone who is an advocate (or plans to be).

First. Don’t use email. In the average congresscritter’s office, incoming emails are not read, at least not initially. They are reviewed by staffers and sorted into folders according to the subject line. They may or may not get read eventually, depending on the topic and on what else is happening.

Second. To give a letter the highest possible probability of being read, send it by snail mail. And (important!), use the heaviest expensive paper and envelope you can find. Either type the address on a typewriter, or hand address it in a way that can’t be mistaken for computer-generated. Those letters get opened and read all the way through.


Thanks, David for passing on that very helpful and good-to-know info. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, David.

I was told that when you send letters by snail mail, there is a significant delay in the Senator/Representative receiving your letter because of the mail screening at federal office buildings. Remember anthrax. Remember bombs. So I have been told that email is better.

I have also been advised to find out who the Senator/Representative’s staffer for health issues is and also write a letter to him/her asking for his/her help in bringing this to your elected representative’s attention.

I have also been told that statistics have clout. Meaning if the Senator/Representative gets a lot of mail on a certain subject, they are more apt to pay attention. Also I have been told that you can keep contacting your reps on your issue over and over again. (Not every day though…)

Also I encourage everyone at TuDiabetes to join DPAC. This website created by Bennet Dunlap(Type 2 and parent of two kids w/Type 1) and Christel Marchand Aprigliano (UnConference creator) makes it very easy to keep informed on the issues and make your voice heard.

I hate to sound very manipulative and/or political when I say this but what do you think our politicians do to get elected into office? They find out what the people in their voting districts “deal” with and try to figure out how to “reach” them so that the voting public believes that politician will do something for them. I say you do the same thing to them. Turn it back on them. Does anyone watch House of Cards??? I do, make your problem their problem so they want to do something. Yea, I know its a long shot and it might seem a little manipulative but thats what one has to do now a days. :wink: