How to make the difference?

Oscar winner, Actress and diabetic, Halle berry was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1989. She was diagnosed when she went into a diabetic coma while taping the television sitcom called “Living Dolls".

But she proved to us that Diabetes wouldn't stop her. After she learned how to control this condition, several movies followed her such as Jungle Fever, Strictly Business, Losing Isaiah, The Flintstones, Girl 6, The Rich Man’s Wife, Race the Sun, X-Men and Monster’s Ball, in which she was awarded for an oscar in 2002.

Halle is another role model for us, this is the type of people we all should learn about, lets learn how to make the difference ain't no matter how big or little that change is, mean while is something that makes you feel proud of yourself.

The difference for me is having this blog, feeling connected with all of those who take their time to read it, trying to help the ones who ask for an advice...for me it's a little change but still a big difference.

What do you do that makes you feel you are making the difference? As I've said Ain't no matter how little it is mean while is good for you :)

Halle is a Type 2…not that it makes a difference, right?

Among other things, I’m 48+ years with Type 1 with no complications now and use minimal drugs for it(touch wood). I also have had another chronic disease for about 27 years which I take many toxic drugs for. I have raised 2 Nice Kids and a Sweet Hubby(and pets) who are all taxpayers(um…the pets were never taxpayers :smiley: ). I had to retire many years ago but I’ve always looked after my Family and our home and did a lot of Child Care for others.

I’ve contributed to many charities and Diabetes Communities for the last 9 years. I also ran a forum for a Lad for about a year until I hit a burnout.

Oh and just smiling at People makes them feel Better and more upbeat. I usually let People go through the cash before me, that have less items than I do, or who use walkers, etc. I always get a smile, wink and a wave back. Makes ME feel Better. :slight_smile:

haha awkward…really awkward…

Ok terrie I am smiling right now :smiley: haha :wink:

LOL!! Not so much. Halle and the media messed with everyone’s heads on that topic for some time.

haha yeaah xD I just saw that in google! haha :smiley: I just hope that’s her final decisions :smiley:


:smiley: I think the People have made her decision for her. She’s Type 2. Everyone seemed excited that she was Type 1, for some reason.

There Ya go…I Love it when People smile. =)

Oh, I also looked after my Hubby while he recovered from 2 major accidents. It’s ALL connected, isn’t it?

I am so happy to see Halle Berry as a role model for diabetics. If I had to see Wilford (“diabetus”) Brimley one more time, I swear I would heave. While I am sorry, Ms. Berry’s actual condition has never been clarified, I think it just reflects the confusion of medicine. Type 1, type 2, whatever. It does not matter. I am just pleased to see a young healthy woman, honest about being diabetic, taking care of herself, getting married, having a child and fulfilling her dreams.

My family and my work make me feel like a I am making a difference. I certainly feel in inspired by Ms. Berry, not something ole Wilford ever did for me.